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FURY (anthrax400) wrote,
@ 2004-06-07 17:31:00
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    No longer...
    Yeah, my band played a show on friday. Went really well...Not as many people as hoped but there was a good croud and there was a good pit. People never mosh to opening bands but they did to us! We played preety good. Hahaha No...Before the show george decids to go to sleep when we have to leave. who the hell sleeps at 4 in the afternoon???? What a lozer!!!!! Tims mom yelled at him through the door after Matt rang the doorbell 50x. He finally came down. Then we get to the venue and Matt says george said "I gotta go to north haven, I'll be back at 6pm" WE GO ON AT 6 you piece of sh**!!!! well he shows up moments before we go on. and yeah............

    My boss calls me up at work from home and says shes gonna sit down and talk to me this week, Im 99% sure its becuase of the recieveing job. I think I will finally have it! now I can finally get a Van/truck/suv/whatever then buy all the guitar gear I need.

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