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anonymoussiren (anonymoussiren) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 21:47:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:The Hair Soundtrack: more specifically,"Let the Sunshine In"

    The First Entry
    Wow its so weird writing this down online. I mean, aren't journals supposed to be pen and ink? It seems so much more romantic that way. But, what the hell, this is so much easier. Thank *enter divine presence here" for Blurty! Well, a bit about myself. I'm a high school student at your typical quite large high school. "of moving paper fantasies........ with supreme visions of lonely tunes....... LET THE SUNSHINE IN" wow i love the hair soundtrack. i almost cry when I listen to it its so moving. Anyways, yeah there is about 600 students in one grade and i am only but a sophomore. i wish i was in college already. NYU. yeah i know you think its tough but ill do it. hopefully. I don't want to reveal too much about myself. I feel that if I do, my identity will be uncovered and then I'll be too embaressed to say what I have to say. Hm. Now whats going on in my life? Im trying to lose weight. Yeah I'm at about 132. I was probably about 140. I want to be 120. Not a bad goal. I need some supporters in this community though because im a food freak. Literally. I think being a food critic would be my ultimate favorite job. I love all kinds of food. In fact, one of my biggest pet peeves is when kids my age wont try other types of food.
    Wow, are kids these days weird. they are just so eclectic. I mean my friends are just so different. The new fad though is Jesus Freak Christianity. And I mean its a HUGE trend. Devoting your life to god and converting people. my whole town used to be a catholic one (thats what i was told) and now its a total bible thumper breeding ground. it scares me. i dont know what i believe. That was worded wrong. I do know what I believe. Its just not very specific. I believe that good things will become of good people, whether in this life or the next (if there is a next life). Oh dear, Rachel the agnostic is going to hell. Let us pray for her and pity her so maybe we can save her. Bull shit no ones saving me. And that comes straight from Satan! muahahahhaa
    I just watched "real women have curves". good movie.... and while the heroine is beautiful being as overweight as she is, i still have issues. im not unhappy, just striving to be the best that I can. Allright I want to test this out so im going to update now. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE THINGIE!!!!!!

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