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annasachen12 (annasachen12) wrote,
@ 2011-09-15 11:48:00
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    the whole event is a big financial commitment
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    Among the East Asian brides like in Japan, China and Korea, the dress code is different from other parts of Asia. Women wear white dresses and men wear their black tuxedos. The East Asian brides have porcelain skin, so the colours applied are usually soft. Colours like brown and shades of pink work the best for these types of skin. The Japanese brides often prefer a dark red lipstick, which is said to be their traditional Japanese look; but overall, the Mac Wonder Woman is simple.

    Nowadays, the bridal make up is usually expensive. New parlours are developed and the competition is very high. The cosmetics and accessories used for makeup are costly. The wedding function is a heavy investment in major parts of Asia. Dowry and other items that are given to the bride also cost a lot. From the make up to the departure of the bride, the whole event is a big financial commitment.

    The great thing about Asian bridal make up is that they show some touch of culture and tradition in their overall look. It is a special event, and every bride wants to look at her best. Something different is observed, and there are interminable prospects as the bride can take an idea from any aspect of culture and blend it in to her look.

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