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Felicia (ankh) wrote,
@ 2003-01-15 20:48:00
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    Current mood:stressed
    Current music:Aaron Lewis - Black

    Attendance Office Madness
    Stuffing envelopes; I spent 5 1/2-fucking-hours stuffing envelopes and writing addresses. The damn attendance office called me down as they needed prefects because they were short their's. I was called down around 8 A.M. this morning to the attendance office for an unknown reason - maybe figuring that Mr. Harper maybe wanted to ask me about Mindquest - but not too sure in the long run. So I go down to first floor and stop in at the front desk to say hello to the security people, but then continue along the way to the attendance office. I introduce myself as the prefect for third-floor [Japanese] language department.

    "No, It's Fel-e-she-a"
    "Whatever - we need you to stuff envelopes."
    "Okay, for how long?"
    "...I wasn't here yesterday; catching up would be in my better interest. I need to pass this term, and I'm behind."
    "Well it won't be long."

    This spiraled into one, two and finally, three periods. Fourth period is my freelance studyhall, and I'm not required to stay during it, as its last period. They had a fit of course. I did their work for that long, now they need to get off their asses and do it themselves. I had to stuff about 1,500 envelopes today, and I'm not kidding. Their were TWO prefects down there, and there is about 3,000 kids in our school. Now all this work doesn't mean anything to them, does it? Nooo...
    I had to go over their heads to Mr. Harper and get a pass and they still wouldn't let me leave. I just got pissed and told them I was leaving and I didn't fucking care. It's my studyhall, and I've worked my ass off. I can fucking go home to work on my graphic work that I need to finish.
    I'm so mad right now its not even funny. I missed another whole day because of stupid attendance bitches being too damn lazy to do their own damn work. Ugh! And this day is going so slow its driving me crazy! Argh! e_e;

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