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the strange mind of me (angelinstincts) wrote,
@ 2004-01-02 10:25:00
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    new year already,
    another year to fulfill our goals, make friends, lose friends, succeed or not,
    Only a week and a bit to go,
    until she goes.
    its certainly gonna be different, strange.
    ah well, i best be off
    catch up later,

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2004-01-01 22:18 (link)
Hay gurlie, Happy new year 2 u =). Well take care and I'll talk to u l8a.

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hey baby!
2004-01-04 08:34 (link)
man, it's been too damn long!
how ya doin darlin? i am...pretty good! having the biggest bloody HEART ATTACK!!!!!!! coz i just realised it's 5 days until i go!!! :O:O:O (well, it's 5 days jono's time...6 days mine :P)
man oh man sozzles....sooo much has happened!
and i haven't been able to fill u in, coz my bloody computer's been an absolute bastard!
hmmm...where do i start?? firstly...big update girl! *crawls along ground for dear life* must know things!!! either that or an email :P email is good!
alright...where to start? (8) let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! (8) sorry, couldn't help it...

*flexes* alright! i think the last u heard, jono liked me and i liked lee (sorta) well! what an uprooting it's all taken the past week or so! i started going out with jono, at 4:30 in the morning, on december the 27th...hmmm!
that same night, lee did a very un-lee thing and confessed his feelings to me...all of em, everything!
so that was a huge state of confusion! coz for a few days i thought i liked jono...but yet again! lee ripped the carpet from underneath me and stole the stage :S
so then! i broke up with approximately 1:30 in the morning on the 30th of december (i think :P)
so! he was shattered, of course...but tegan got him through it.
so then we cruised for a couple of days! come new year's eve...tegan tells me she likes jono. hmmm! major problems!
so to lightly brush over it, the next couple of days were torture...tegan told him, he said he has feelings for her too, but no where near what he feels for me. (keep in mind that this was the same day she realised she had no chance with that ryan guy...the one she's been in love with all year...not a good day!)
so then she says she's gonna have to stop talking to him, and he said he wouldn't go out with me if it meant losing her friendship. jealousy...
but now we're cool! :D she's started talking to this random email guy, who ironically enough went to my primary school! :P and i reckon they're gonna meet and it'll all b good! i can have jono! no more ryan for tegan! lee can scamper off with his grade 8 slut and we're right to go! :D

so yes! that's been my thrilling somewhat soapie style life! sorry u had to read all that...but u did want all the goss! i condensed it as much as possible :D
5 days sozzles!!!!
crap! i gtg soon...ever since that 4:30 bedtime thing, i have a curfew on the net...12:00 *rolls eyes*
but anyway! now that u had that thrilling analysis of my love life...i shall b off! :P
oh, who's the one that's leaving? :(

love u lots and lots!

cara :-)

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