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Angelina Jolie (angelina__jolie) wrote,
@ 2003-03-22 22:01:00
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    Current mood:exhausted
    Current music:Adelayda - Dawn

    When Will I See You Again.
    March 22, 2003; Jesus, Mary and fucking Joseph... How fast has the past year gone by? It doesn't feel like there's been almost twelve months since the life I once knew, came crashing down around me. That's one way of looking at it; the other... is the experience I've gained, the people I've met; the opportunities I've had. You can't measure that up; I've been to so many different places, seen first-hand how the 3rd world live. People can say they understand more than half of the worlds population are starving and suffering poverty; the keyword there being say. I've seen a minimal amount of it; and I'm yet to understand. Just being there with those people, wounded men; abandoned women... and children all hungry and desperately trying to survive, holding onto what is left of their dignity, their self-worth, their hope... it made me cry. I never cry; not over something so obscene... but it did get to me. We all say we know how lucky we are to have the things we do; noone can know. *Rubs the sleep from her eyes* Moving on, I used to be so good at keeping a journal, I'd update every day; spill my feelings into a small notebook... now I can barely sum up the words. The Academy Awards; tomorrow night, to go or not to go? This question has been hovering over my head for the last couple of months, it's not that I don't want to go... it's leaving Maddox that's the problem. Fuck the stolen dress, I'll wear anything. I attempted to ask Mike yesterday evening, before my flight; whether he and Cameron could watch over him, for that one single night. I trust the both of them, even if there are another twenty people there; I can't picture the whole bunch of them getting stoned, drunk or just plainly out of their minds. I pray Cam will agree; what's better than to have your son being looked after by Mike Einziger, Vanessa Carlton and Cameron Richardson? What am I saying, I love you all; in a way.

    I've thought over this current Ryan situation for days, ever since Reese and Ava showed up, around here. I'm perfectly fine with it... I told Ry I trusted him, I do trust him. It's hard coming out of a relationship, especially when there's a child involved; Ava, whether she likes me or not, is an amazing little girl. Ry was heartbroken when he heard her say 'hate' in his direction. I'm not trying to make this easier on us all, by blaming myself... I'd rather tear myself inside than give away this relationship we have. It's more than a relationship, when we're together my mental age just plummets, I go from being an "intelligent" 27 year old, to a half-minded 13-year old. All remotely difficult in my situation, if and when Ava or Reese is around, I have to control myself into acting my age and not throwing myself at him. I've never done this before; I've always acted upon what was flowing through my mind at that moment in time. I prided myself on doing that; I want... to do that - if it'd be appreciated is the part of the net, my mind gets caught in. In no means am I letting my heart be taken away by the first man that came along, after Billy. There was always some... connection... between myself and Ryan, evident enough to the both of us; Gillian, Jon, Sean, Den'; they all spoke about the two of us... which at the time you just had to space yourself and laugh along, considering his then inseparable relationship with Reese; and my ending marriage to Jonny. I wish I could give myself to him; if only there were no current boundaries.

    Maddox; is currently staring at the chicken icon in Ryan's last Stellar_ post. He keeps pointing to it... laughing and then turning back to me, I love when he does this; when without force, he hugs me... just out of the blue. Ahh, there he goes again. Christ, I'd be nothing without him. Speaking of which; I can't seem to read any recent update without talk about being pregnant or... being in love. A pregnancy is supposed to be a life-altering experience, not a fucking plague. Am I the only one that finds it strange when people update one moment; about being in "love"; and the next... claiming that they'll never find 'love' again. From my point of view; the word is tossed around way too loosely. I could be wrong. Love; these days may not include giving your heart to one person, forever. Out of the blue "I love you!" I've never said those words without meaning them... although, look at my track record of failed relationships. As soon as I arrived back in Los Angeles, the press were on the case; asking me everything from how I feel about Michael Jackson's efforts of raising his children; to how I feel about Billy's proclamation to perhaps another marriage. I swear people just expect me to fall apart alone. So he found another brain-dead woman to become involved with; he beat the system for a sixth time... big deal... best of luck, don't care; NEXT.

    The trailer premiere for 'The Cradle of Life' is set for late this month; March 28th? Perhaps. Yes... definitely growing older, small case of Alzheimer?s creeping into my brain. Jan and Lloyd both told me say five times a piece? Dates just aren't important, once they have been set; things are usually put on hold for another few weeks after. The world of Hollywood, less organized than fucking Tutenkhamuns tomb... not to mention; far more dangerous. "It's a Billboard... our baby's a star!", coming from newly fangled relatives? People who never even bothered to send me a birthday card any time before 'Foxfire'. It's Vogue, dahhh-ling. Go'da Hell. Which is the time I begin to speak to myself. Always a good tip to stop writing. 'Eh, take my own advice.

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2003-03-22 18:46 (link)
Go, or not. Entirely up to you.

Maddox is truly the most adorable boy in the whole world. I mean that.

Love is as overrated as it is underrated. I do believe, however, that it's misused more than properly. But we all have to remember that there are multiple instances of the word "love".. Only so many reach and are able to use the most meaningful of meanings.

.. Well. At least I'd like to think so.

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2003-03-23 08:55 (link)
*Slight nod* Still debating over that one.

Entirely true, I just feel that the way people use it now... throw the word around as if they don't know just how much it's supposed to mean to their significant other, or... to them. As I said in the entry, the only time I'd utter the words, is if it was what I felt deep inside. I barely think anyone who has been with someone a few days can tell them "I Love You"; and actually mean it.

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2003-03-23 14:00 (link)
*Nods* Definitely.

To know what it really means; it's essential.

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2003-03-25 09:22 (link)
Essential, yes. But a hard thing to find.

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2003-03-25 11:27 (link)

Let love find you; don't go searching for something that may not exist.

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2003-03-23 14:50 (link)
Personally I can understand why the term love is over used, because people do think they’re ‘in love’ often and some people can think/feel it at the drop of a hat. For me the expression ‘I love you’ doesn’t even begin to cover what real love is anyway. The real thing runs much to deep into ones mind/body/soul (if you believe in one) to be bound by words…

Mmhmm yes I’m aware I sound like an idiot.

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2003-03-25 09:25 (link)
*Laughs* You do not sound like an idiot, having your own opiniong like that is vital, and especially at such a young age. I agree for the most part; words can't sum up feelings in the way physical actions can; but those three words should, in my opinion mean so much more.

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2003-03-25 15:09 (link)
Yes they should.

BUt that isnt always teh case ... people are petty like that

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2003-03-23 22:55 (link)
hey can u make me a u know how???

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2003-03-24 08:36 (link)
Hey babe. How ya holding up? I agree with You, Ryan, & Michelle, the word love is tossed around too easily, because love ins't held as high as it used to be. Used to it was a crime to it's like a second nature. ::gih:: I know sometimes it needs to be done, but some people, not you or Ryan, need to just try a little harder before ending it because of a small fight. Yeah, that's my opinion. There ya go.
You told me to comment about you helping me out with my blurty layout...? Here I am. Comment in my journal please!
Sex love me.

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Re: Yeah.
2003-03-25 09:29 (link)
Mr. Vincent, what a glorious pleasure. *Laughs* I'm holding up, period... which is seemingly the important thing. Thankyou for the opinion, it's good to receive them from such a wide variation of people. Layout? Sure.

*Loves you* A taken woman can't 'sex'.

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2003-03-25 21:46 (link)
Glad too hear you're holding up. I'm here anytime...I'll be happy to offer my opinions. Really? I love your work...I'd love a layout!

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