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Angelina Jolie (angelina__jolie) wrote,
@ 2003-03-07 02:35:00
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    Current mood:listless
    Current music:Incubus - Just a Phase

    Long ago it must be, I have a photograph...
    ...preserve your memories... they're all that's left of me.

    I've done so much thinking... about the past, lately. It's something new to me; I just used to look upon it as the things gone, but now... listening to people in love, people finding love and people suffering, my "friends" suffering a large range of serious emotions and me just overlooking, observing... watching, Noone can know what shoots through an individual mind, we can think and assume we do, but it's all false hope. I thoroughly enjoy seeing people being happy. It gives hope, seeing peoples emotions rotate in cycles... shows bravery if anything else. If I'm asked advice, I search backwards, to see if my life has held any significant moments that can at least help them in the slightest small way. The only people who can help us, is those who understand us. However did I deserve your friendship. Fate plays a part with us all even if it's not to be believed, you never know what's around the corner.

    Mike is strongly becoming one of my closest friends, we're so different... yet relate and bounce off of each other so well. He keeps coming to me for advice, and all usual jokes aside... you have no idea what saying that does. It makes me feel, again. Feel as if I can attempt to help. When I was younger, the countless times people disregarded me as an "outcast", keeping myself to myself... made my self-confidence plummet. When your friends tell you, you make a difference... or come to you, for whatever reason, even to vent; it makes the purpose of life much stronger. Mike, I stand by what I said earlier, follow your heart, hang on to the moment, you'll know when the right time approaches... don't be scared, you fuckin' "dink". I love this song, by the way... you're talented, have to give you credit on that count. Who else could write The Driedle Song? Huh... noone, didn't think so. See, I'm inflating your ego, make the most of it.

    The greater half of today, I've spent with Maddox. It kills me everytime he coughs, I'm turning into one of those fuckin' neurotic head cases; but stepping back onto the 'fate' subject. You can never tell what will happen... *looks to Clea* doctors aren't always right... especially when it's something as simple as a stomach bug. I'm definitely not giving him any meds, what was it McIntyre said? "These, are special new fluoxitine for children!" Yeah, and I'm George Bush with an afro, Jesus fucking Christ, private practitioners are never to be trusted, I don't care who says otherwise. Don't believe the "I'm better experienced" bullshit, just as in sex, it's a definite hypothetical quote. Fantastic, a cocky middle-class guy, still going through puberty can tell me what to do with my child. They know because... I assume they "have children". I have to be the master of fucking finger quotation marks... pieces of shit.

    There isn't much people don't know about me... the rest, came out last night; depressing as most subjects were, I felt compelled to share. Mike, Cam, 'Licia, Clea, D... you're all stars, you know whatever any of you need, I'll follow through and be there, you know that. *quirks eyebrows, scratches cheek* Well, except if it's anything to do with sex... there's too much temptation in that subject. Speaking of which... Miller eventually brought his British ass here, ABOUT FUCKING TIME, pictured your skinny ass getting chewed to the curb by some chick. I still have the rings, the scar; and the memories.

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2003-03-06 21:49 (link)
you, ma'am, are truly an angel. whateva' sort of beautiful metamorphic creature or spectre you wanna use otha'wise, that's what you are. you are a star, and the same goes for you if you're eva' in need of anything what so ever.

... yea', i s'pose that excludes sexual favors, too. :: laughs, tilting hat out of spite. ::

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2003-03-07 12:18 (link)
*looks online for a street-translator* ... You're an angel, or any specific meta---Aha. *folds arms* Oh please, you'll be begging me for sexual favors, Keys. Don't deny it... don't block the feeling out of your mind. You and your kirby-on-crack.

Jokes aside, you're amazing... case ceased.

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2003-03-07 17:15 (link)
:: laughs :: never, miss jolie. it ain' in my nature to. :: winks :: and leave my kirby-on-krack outta this. :: pets him :: (~~o~~)

psh. only m'self. you're the same.

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2003-03-06 21:59 (link)
Hahaha. Ang you're the best dude. Thanks for all the advice. You rock.


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2003-03-07 12:15 (link)
Being called 'dude' makes me believe that deep down, I am a man... I like it.

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