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Angelina Jolie (angelina__jolie) wrote,
@ 2003-02-14 13:01:00
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    Current mood:Strange
    Current music:INXS - Beautiful Girl

    Holding on for You.
    When I'm with you, I feel deep within you;
    When without you, I feel deep within you;
    When sleeping, I'm with you;
    When sick, I'm with you;
    When wanted, I'm there;
    When hated, I'm there;
    When in tough times, I'm beside you;
    When in death, I'll be behind you.

    This is the strangest feeling I've had in such a long time, but... I know I CAN live without you. I just don't want to; the things you do to me... I can't describe how it feels.

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2003-02-14 12:40 (link)
It is a strange feeling...I feel it too. I used to rely on myself, for everything, I never needed anyone or thing...Then I met you, I met someone who made me feel all sorts of things I never felt, when I'm with you, I feel okay with everything...I'm complete. I look into your eyes, my heart skips a beat...I kiss your lips, you take my breath away...

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2003-02-14 19:28 (link)
That poem you wrote... you've no idea how hard that hit me. I'm not one for romance, as you know; but I'd be damned if I said I didn't cry after hearing it.

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2003-02-14 23:43 (link)
yeah, i'm not one for too much romance either, but i felt like expressing how i feel about you and what you mean to me (strokes her cheek) ...I've never wanted anyone so much.


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2003-02-15 08:01 (link)
I can't say I don't know what you mean, because I do... I understand it more than anything.

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2003-02-15 16:31 (link)
I know you do... it's like anything I'm feeling, I know you feel it some way. That's something I can't find with anyone else; I could look around the world and there'll never be another one like you.....just makes me want you that much more.

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