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Blinding Blue Light (angelicprism) wrote,
@ 2010-09-06 19:20:00
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    Who the f8**?
    The other night I dreamed about having a red-headed baby. It was barely an hour old when it said to me, "Orchard."

    I said, "What?"

    "That man over there was trouble in the orchard." There were all sorts of people in the dream, so... okay. It was that man over there.

    I marvelled at my speaking baby while thinking of a local park called Crab Orchard.

    I was waking up this morning and thinking/talking to myself the way I do. The subject of a certain big project came up. I'm feeling a little tired of it all, so I announced, "Fuck it. I'm not doing it. I'm going to let Zorhan take care of it."

    Or maybe it was Zohan.

    Anyway, the word Zorhan (or Zohan but I think it was Zorhan) was in front of my face in all caps, in one of those bold plain fonts. The color of it was splattered with shots of red. Maybe it was a trigger word. Whatever the case, it woke me up.

    Who the hell is Zorhan??

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2011-02-09 04:27 (link)
Turns out Crab Orchard is where a certain secret military base I've been noticing activity from is located. Well it has other locations but that's one of the entrances.

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