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Danielle (angelfaceloveya) wrote,
@ 2003-03-24 15:18:00
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    Tony troubles
    God i hate when you love someone so much and they betray your trust. Shyt tony said he wouldnt cheat on me but he ended up cheating on me with the worst girl in the world shes fat ugly no neck. Its been two weeks and i am still in shock. But today was great cause ever since they've been going out they havent been doing so well. Yes. hehehe Nicole told me that he said she is all he has left to talk to and shit funny. Shes the last resort hahahahahaha. Tony is going to suffer hehe. Boy am i evil. But whatever.
    Joel wants to beat his ass and i hope he does it damn. Joel i like him! Hes so cute. I hope he asks me out . That would make my day. But i dunno if i could date him if i still love tony as much as i do. I loved him for so long and i miss him but then again its his own damn fault for being an ass. hehehehe Hopefully joel and i end up together he said he likes me.
    I have to go to the doctor for a UTI those hurt like hell. Dududududu! Moo! tears!

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