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a§hLeY (angeleyez18) wrote,
@ 2004-09-16 22:44:00
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    Current mood: contemplative

    ok so i have a question. last year i was supposed to get married as most of u know...and i didnt of course. but i bought this gorgeous wedding dress...that i really dont want to get rid of. so i wanna know if ya'll think its ok for me to keep this one and save it for when i actually do get married...or should i try to get rid of it...then get another one later on. i'd rather not get rid of this one cuz it is really pretty and it was almost $700. i dont think its that big of a deal to just wear it when i do get married...but some ppl might think thats a bad thing to do since it was for someone else and that didnt work out...i dunno...i just wanted to know what ya'll think....

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My opinion
2004-09-16 22:53 (link)
I think you have every right to keep it, you paid for it. When u find that right guy, he wont care weather ur weddin dress, is new or old, how much it costs or if u even wear one at all. A wedding isnt all about the dress, although it seems like its one of the more important aspects of a wedding. The point is when someone loves you they don't care about ur past expericences, all that matters is ur present and future with em. Furthermore, I think it would be pretty damn immature for a guy to base ur wedding and relationship on a dress just because it was bought when u were in an entirely different situation. Anyway, there's my thoughts. lol I know you will make the right decsion and remember make urself happy. Love ya bitch. -Lori0

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