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a§hLeY (angeleyez18) wrote,
@ 2004-09-16 21:53:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Kelly Clarkson - Break Away

    ...tAkE a RiSk...tAkE a ChAnCe...MaKe A cHaNgE...aNd BrEaK aWaY...
    ok so ive had this thing for a lil over a year now and ive posted many entries that are all friends only...but now ive decided to post public. my life really isnt all that interesting so what the hell...i'll share what im thinkin with everybody. plus i figured it was about time for an update since miss lori ann got mean with us for not writin. haha she skurrs me. so anyways...enough ramblin. my life has once again takin a turn around...which seems to be the trend here lately. things were just so confusing for me for a while. so i decided to let the problem go and continue my life as it was before i got myself into such a mess. i got this email earlier in the week and i really liked this quote. "a woman should have an old love she can imagine going back to...and one who reminds her how far she's come." to me this quote says you should have somebody you think of goin back to...but thats as far as it goes b/c you have somebody now that makes you realize just how far you've come...whether it be you as a person...your maturity level...or things you just dont want to go back to. i realized that there were things im just so over from the past. things that were old before they even started. i was blinded for a while...and didnt really see the hurt i was causing another person. and i didnt really see what i was doing to myself. i was letting myself be brought into somethin that i didnt really want...somethin that wasnt what i was made to believe it was. but we all make mistakes right...and i guess this was just one of those times. im kinda sorry things had to end up like this...but i see now..more than ever that it just wasnt meant to be. the fire had gone out...actually i think it went out a long time ago i just didnt want to see it. but it all came down to what is most important. there is somebody else that i care about. the only person that i can honestly say really wants a future with me. the person that makes me smile all the time...the person that i can sit and talk to for hours about nothin in particular...the person that really listens to me...the person that has stood by me through everything...and has always let me know that everything is gonna be alright. the person who stood in my room last night and slow danced with me while i was havin a drunken moment...and didnt complain..not even once. the person that lets me be ashley...and doesnt try to change who i am. the person that kisses me and everything else just goes away. all my problems go away...and everything around us just becomes a huge blur. we could be in a room with a million ppl and it would seem like we were the only ones there. gosh my mind just drifted off there for a second...i got caught up in a moment. but i guess in the end it all came down to how i feel...and i just went with my heart..and so thats that lol...ahh...but anyways i guess this is enough for now. so lori there ya go...i informed you of the latest. not really much gossip to talk about but oh well. im sure i'll have somethin else later. love yuns.

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oh baby
2004-09-16 22:58 (link)
i loved sharing that dance with you. lol

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