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a§hLeY (angeleyez18) wrote,
@ 2004-05-19 14:21:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:niTty GriTty DiRt bAnD - fiShiN iN tHe DaRk

    yOu aNd Me gOiN fiShiN iN tHe dArK...LyiN oN oUr bAcKs N cOuNtiN tHe StArs
    gosh so much has happened since my last update i dont even know where to start. lets see me and buddy have spent pretty much everyday and night together in the past week so its hard to remember everything we've done. thursday i went with mom to lexington. she had to see a doctor at uk and then afterwards we went shoppin. i finally got my louis vuitton purse. woo hoo. mom was kinda mad cuz i spent so much money on a purse and then i spent like a $100 in victorias secret. but i think it was worth it. friday was lots of fun. buddy came and picked me up and we went to his moms boyfriends house to eat dinner. me and buddy left there on the fourwheeler at about 11:30. we rode over to his house for a while and took a nap til about 1 cuz we knew we was gonna be out the rest of the night. so after our nap we left and headed through the mountains. well it was really scary cuz it was late and we were the only ones up there. we were on this trail and it was about 3AM...and in front of us we start to see somethin white and its moving toward us. we both started freakin out cuz we didnt know what it was. well it is this man walkin by himself through the woods in the middle of the night. buddy stops and talks to him like an idiot...and im sittin there like omg he's gonna kill us. but he's really really drunk and he's been walkin like 8 miles from flat lick and he wants us to give him a ride back to the road so buddy does. i thought that was a stupid idea myself...but buddy felt sorry for him cuz he was walkin in complete darkness and fallin down in mud holes. so we gave him a ride back to the road and then headed back up the mountain. we got lost and almost never found our way back out. we finally did and ended up in downtown barbourville. thats a long ass ride. it was really freaky lookin on those roads though. he tried to take me back to artemus bridge and i was like hell no! we got back to his house around 6 that mornin and went to sleep. saturday we mostly just layed around my house and watched movies. he left on sunday and i was gonna go back with him but amy came down and wanted me and her to do somethin so we went up to chain rock and took some pictures. then we went to walmart and bought a ton of ice cream, chips, and bunch of other junk food. then we went to blockbuster and got some scary movies and came back to my house. it was fun to have a lil sleep over. monday i went with mom to london. she had to take the other set of keys to my car to those ppl that sold it. ive already got my eye on another one. i'm not really sure if i'll get it but mom is supposed to call em back today. its a white mustang gt. its really really nice. i hope i get it cuz im startin to miss my car a lot. on the way back i called buddy and he wanted to me to go golfin with him so i did. we went to corbin to whatever that golf course is called. i thought it was gonna be boring...cuz i mean how many girls like golf. but i got to drive the golf cart so it was fun. he was like i know u must really love me to sit through 36 holes of golf and not complain about it. hehe...i really do love him...a whole lot. we had this talk last night and he was tellin me how he's never felt this way about anybody before...and i agreed with him. because honestly i have NEVER felt like this in my entire life. i thought i was really in love before....but it wasnt anything like this. we've only known each other for almost 2 months...but its the most amazing thing ive ever felt in my life. i said once before if i was asked to describe my ideal guy it would have to be him exactly. to me he is perfect and i honestly dont think i'll ever want anybody else. i had no idea somebody could make u feel this way. im so glad that i met him and i really dont know what i would do without him. ahh...anyways i got way off track there for a minute lol. back to what i was sayin. after we left the golf course buddy came home with me and spent the night again. yesterday we decided we wanted to go fishin. so we went to his moms boyfriends...he has ponds around his house... it was fun. i caught 2 cat fish. we fished until it was so dark we couldnt see anymore. then we left and went to taco bell. that is a long drive from his house. thats when we had our big talk i was just talkin about. it was great. he gets so cute when he talks serious like that. i just love him so much. who knows whats gonna happen today. somethin interestin im sure. i just figured i'd update on what ive been doin. monday was our one month anniversary. :) aww. oh yeah...congrats to brittney on her baby boy. he is beautiful! ta ta for now.

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Thanxs Ash
2004-05-22 19:47 (link)
Thanxs ash i think he looks like his daddy. What a big suprise all this time they told me it was a girl. But i know that things happen for a reason so i am getting over that kinda quick. I am so glad that things are looking up for you. I hope that everything goes the way that you want it too. I also hope that you get that car cause i love i mean love MUSTANGS. omg i love them. You will have to come pick me up and give me a joy ride. Welp girly i am gonna go i am so tired being a mommy is sooooooo hard. Love ya girly.

Brittney & Dalton Wesley Born: May 14 2004

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