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Leih: Mistress of teh Depp-ness. O_O;;; (angel_aerith) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 12:37:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Alice in Chains-Get Born Again

    Gnosis are EVIL!
    Let's see.....yesterday I begged my dad to buy me 'Xenosaga' since everybody kept saying it was addictive.

    They were right. It IS addictive. Of course I can't seem to get passed the part where you have to outrun those two retarded gnosis peoples...things. I died like three times already. =____= I feel lame now. I wish they would tell me who that little girl that doesn't have a voice is! It's going to drive me crazy if I don't find out soon! >_<

    Ah, anyway I also bought the first copy of Naruto. ^0^ w00t!.At the moment I'm at a point in my life where anything can turn into a yaoi love story. Heh. Sasuke and Naruto. e___e I think I'm going to see if I can get a subscription to Shonen Jump since it seems to have inserts from all the comics I'm currently collecting. Meh. Also got the 3rd issue of I.N.V.U., I love that series. ^^ Even though it sometimes isn' well drawn as other comics I still think it's cute.

    ....hmmmmm....Went to the race-track after browsing around the mall. I must say that the figure eight trains are hilarious. Last weeks figure eight races were better though. More huge crashes (though nobody was hurt) in that one. Two cars were stuck together for a long time before the workers could get them seperated and onto the tow-truck! XD But this week someone hit the wall REALLY hard causing his hood to fly off and something exploded which made fire burst out of the engine. I'm not sure if he's completely okay. They had to bring in a helicoptor to bring him to the hospital. O_o Never seen that happen at a race track. Though I understand why. Trying to beat the traffic on the highway would have taken too long.

    um...talked to Kacie a little a couple days ago. Her friend that tried to commit suicide is back home. I'm glad since Kacie seems happier than normal. Of course after that we started to have a war against monkies. O_o You really REALLY don't want to know..heh. But it was fun. I miss everyone though. ;___; I miss Tess and Megan and Jordan and Ashley and Michael and Eric and everybody else back old home. Gah. I'm going to eat some ice cream now. I just made myself depressed. ;___;

    EDIT: I got passed those retarded gnosis! w00t! Go Me! I'm now at the part where KOS-MOS kills that...guy What's his name again? Anyway I died fighting that huge...evil...thing that you have to fight before you get to an escape pod. Stupid blob...and those stupid little flying gnosis just piss me off! >_< You can't kill the little boogers!

    I also want to say that if KOS-MOS says 'My external appearance is down 5%, Shion I need to be cleaned.' one more time my lungs are going to explode.

    Seriously. I've never laughed so hard in my entire life! XD

    Oh yeah...and who was that guy that Shion was crying over? Becuase, y'know besides being a game character, he's pretty cute. e___e God that's sad...and I ate the last bit of ice cream too. ;____; BLEAH!
    Allen=DEATH!!!! *hates Allen*

    PS- I have found the ultimate site! It links to all the Rei/Shinji fanfics I'll ever need! *is happy* And If I hear one thing about how Rei is, ultimately, a copy of Shinji's mother I will SCREAM! I DON'T CARE!!! Rei is cute so XP.
    I'm also anti-Asuka. She annoys me. And I despise the phrase 'Wonder Girl'. And to add to that she beats up poor Shinji! ;___; Shinji needs love I tell you! And Rei is the only one who'll give it to him......and maybe Kaoru or however you spell it....but that's just a little too creepy. Even for me. o___o Which is saying something.

    EDITEDIT: For those of you that don't like yaoi......

    YARR! I don't like you! Go away!

    Kay I had to say that. My friend Lory says it's vile and disgusting. You know what? *smacks her* TAKE THAT! X3 I dun like you anymore...*sniffs* My CidVin FF7 yaoi is better than your st00pid happy little Yuffentine! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *coughs*

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