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Leih: Mistress of teh Depp-ness. O_O;;; (angel_aerith) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 18:03:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Terra in Black-FF Remix by Alisean

    And then the cow said 'MOOOOO!'
    Oh My Living Bajeezus. Guess what? I'm in a totally different state now. Yep. I am.

    Anyway, moving and unpacking took me a little longer than expected. Not to mention FIND my computer. You wouldn't imagine where the retarded packers put my keyboard and mouse and wires.

    In the with the kitchen dishes.

    Okay. One thing to say there.

    YOU FREAKING STUPID PEOPLE! It took me over 2 weeks to find my keyboard just because you don't know where to put things. Gawd I hate people sometimes.

    Anyway, made more pretty fanarts on the way over and wrote some crappy depressing poems. Oh well. Bought the 7th volume of Chobits. You wanna know something?

    CLAMP is EVIL! They wouldn't say what Chii's special 'ability' or whatever was and it's driving me crazy! *pulls hair* I think that she can somehow gain a soul...somehow. But that's my guess. Oh and they didn't let Zima tell Dita about the whole 'love' thing. I bet that could have caused such a nice little lovey-dovey scene. *sighs* Damn CLAMP. I hate them so much right now. Or at least I do until October when the last comic of the Chobits series is released in the local Walden Books. But that's such a long time from now. ;___; *sniffs*

    Other than that, I also had trouble getting my wireless internet thingy-ma-jigger to work so I could have my internet. That took a little bit over 3 days. But at least I'm back! Yep.

    And Rydia is still uber-awesome! XD *loves Rydia* SQWUEE!! or rather...OINK! ^____^ Ph33r my Rydia obsession.

    EDIT: I'm messing around with my layout scheme thingy so don't be surprised if my layout just suddenly changes. Or something.

    EDITEDIT: Does anyone else think that Johnny Depp kinda looked like some kind of J-Rock star on crack in Edward Scissor Hands? That's what I thought when I first saw a picture of him dressed like that. (The picture was semi-blurred so you couldn't see the scars and what-not all over his face. Meh.)

    EDITEDITEDIT: You know what? Besides this being my third edit. I think I'm going to make some friendleh's on blurty since...yeah I have none. o____o Shameful if you ask me. I think this is the last edit so...tah! *waves*

    EDITEDITEDITEDIT: yes yes I know fourth edit but I had to tell people about my new It's funny. Oo Trust me you'll like it. (if you haven't already seen it that is. ^^)

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