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Leih: Mistress of teh Depp-ness. O_O;;; (angel_aerith) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 10:01:00
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    Current mood: confused

    I still don't get it....
    I had an argument with my friend over Aerith.

    Is she or is she not a bitch?

    Um....what? Of course she's not! Unfortunately my 'friend' disagrees and claims that Aerith is a snobby, whiny, evil, little brat that steals other women's men. Hah. Right, that discribes Aerith PERFECTLY.

    And I own Japan.

    Now of course since I'm an Aerith fanatic I defended my heroine. My friend got angry at me and called me a liar and, apparently, a bitch. And all I did was defend my favorite character.

    I mean the whole time I was like WTF?! The hell are you angry about? The only things I said were:

    1.) Aerith was nothing but friendly during the whole game. I have yet to come across a scene in which she blew someone off (besides ShinRa people) or acted snobbish.
    2.) At what point in the game (what small part of it she got to be in.) was Aerith whiny? Unless I'm ignorant or something she never whined. She took everything that was handed to her, good or bad, with confidence and didn't complain.
    3.) Evil? If she was so evil wouldn't she be helping ShinRa or Sephiroth or some other evil being destroy the planet, NOT try to help save it? Enough said.
    4.) Okay, in what way was she a brat? Let's see....she doesn't complain, she's friendly to everyone she meets that hasn't done something horrible to her and even then she forgives them after only a short time, she's never once tried to do something that could either seriously injure or kill a team member, and she didn't try to stop the inevitable. Her Death. I see no brat qualities there.
    5.) Okay last point. If I remember correctly the only person anyone knew of that she was romantically involved with was Zax. She didn't have any other romantic relationships. Everyone were close FRIENDS in AVALANCHE. She didn't steal anyone.

    Of course my friend then went on to say that Aerith was a stupid character that couldn't even kill the simplest of enemies and that her fighting skills were horrible. Unlike Tifa who kicked everyone's ass at combat.


    HELLO, since when were we talking about Tifa? Damnit we were talking about Aerith, when did it swtch to TIFA?

    But I answered that with another of my witty comebacks.

    Of course Aerith can't do a lot of damage to an enemy. She's mostly used for her magic and healing. Tifa can do alot of damage because she's MEANT to fight hand to hand.

    I left it at that and just walked away. Friend's don't get angry at each other over a stupid GAME.

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