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believe the lie (andstillitmoves) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 19:52:00
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    i see you're losing weight again.
    ever wonder who you're losing it for?
    i hear you're losing sleep again.
    what's the point in trying to dream anymore?

    she's a beautiful girl. she spends most of her time alone. she smokes occasionally. she only smokes when she drinks and she only drinks when she's on the verge of walking away from it all. she never has the guts and never walks very far. she doesn't make small talk, she has nothing to say to anybody. she doesn't remember the last time anyone actually approached her. women don't understand her and men are intimidated by her. she rarely smiles, but when she does, she looks about ten years younger. ten years ago, she was a different woman. the last decade has taken its toll on her. she doesn't laugh anymore. what's there to laugh about? nothing about her life is funny. nothing even oddly amusing. it's a sad, lonely life and she tells herself day in and day out that lonliness is a choice. she is not a live in the suburbs and have a handsome husband type of girl. she never was. she is not her mother. she is a strong woman. an understanding woman. a woman with a passion that nobody ever really sees. except him.
    all the things she swears she never does, are all the things he lives to see her do.
    he's a beautiful, complicated man. he's far too emotional and he's her opposite in almost every way. humor is a defence mechanism. he will laugh and joke his way out of any tense situations. he's spent his entire life alone. partly by choice and partly by necessity. he's never truly loved in a woman in all of his years. except her.
    he is dying to know everything about her. her favorite color. the girly movies she'll swear on her life that she never watches, but he knows differently. which ones make her cry? what makes her really laugh? and why doesn't she do it anymore? he's heard her laugh maybe a handful of times. he'll spend the rest of his life trying to hear it again. he is grateful for the times she's allowed him to comfort her. she's sorry for the times she hasn't.
    they compliment each other beautifully. balance each other out.
    she can never leave him. he's certain of that. just as she's certain that the only way he'll ever leave her if she demands it. and even then, he'll put up one hell of a fight.
    there is no separate future for these two. they are forever, always have been.
    tragedy, death, bloodshed and tears string them up together in the same beautiful tapestry.
    he'll never leave her, and she'll never leave him. for if they did, they'd spend the rest of their life.. living incomplete.

    if you can even call that living.

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2003-10-30 04:27 (link)
Hey, I just found you through my interests. We seem to have several in common. So I added you. Hope you don't mind.

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2003-12-02 01:27 (link)
ironically i found you the same way (through tegan and sara). adding you also.

i also hate the world 'blurty.'


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