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Laura (analyzethat) wrote,
@ 2004-03-29 20:58:00
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    Current mood: bouncy

    Another start.
    I walked onto campus this fine morning just as the clock struck an unfortunate 8am. Classes started out fine until sleep took hold...and the the ultimate embarrassing moment chimed in at around 8:30. As my head hung down in an unconscious position, I apparently made a loud noise similar to a sigh or a hum. It woke me up and had Beth almost floored with laughter. I had two classes right after eachother in the same room. How ironic is that? One of my professors is an identical mixture of Becker and Ben Stiller, older versions of course. I couldn't take my eyes off of him, when I was awake. Lunch time rolled around and I'll be damned to find out that Jimmy Johns is not open at 10am. So Roly-Poly it was. My Critical Thinking class, which is my last class of the day, kept me awake. The whole day felt like the first day of Fall Quarter. It was so strange feeling. I can't wait for routines to be made so everything will flow and I can actually see people that I know on campus instead of hustling my self out of the rain or taking shortcuts to avoid steps. Come on sun! Anyways, I had a pretty good day , sleeping. A thank you goes out to Beth for taking notes for me and for putting up with ny grumpy ass all day. I promise I will actually get some sleep from now on.

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2004-03-30 20:57 (link)
So yet another day here in Rhode Island....and I did not go to classes. Stop complaining about having to walk to class at least you arent on crutches! sucks for me! well atleast now some hott guys can help me along the way. Much love to you dear and get some sleep so poor beth is doing all the work for you, slacker! Love always - jen

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2004-09-03 15:00 (link)
tell me it aint so...laura you need to update the rantings.

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