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Ammie (amykay) wrote,
@ 2006-08-16 11:28:00
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    Its all GONE!!!
    Well our stuff is all gone. So weird! Its all on a truck somewhere and we wont see it until sometime, lol. Hopefully we get a place pretty fast once we get down there. We have a lot of cleaning up to do. Well actually its not a lot it just feels like it. Josh is getting all of our medical records chekced out of the hospital right now and then he should be coming home to spackle the nail holes and then once thats dry i will paint. Last night i vacuumed. So we just have to clean any spots, mop and fix some things. We need to get on the move though b/c we have our final out on friday!

    Tomorrow I have to go have my glucose test done. EWWW no fun. Drink some gross stuff then wait an hour to get my blood taken. Baby moves like crazy. I dont remember the other 2 ever moving this much or kicking so hard that i hurt. But its all good atleast i know hes in there. I have my final docs appt here on friday morning. Ill be 28 weeks so its ok that i will have to wait a few weeks out there. Im glad how the timing worked out with that.

    Nic will start school probably start school at the egining of Sept. Well we get there the 23 and thats a wen and he should start the following week if we can get things done fast. i really hope we can! Im so nervous for him. I can just imagine how scarey that will be.

    Marissa doesnt do anything special once we get there, just turns 3! I cant believe that and nic just turned 5 last week. NUTS!

    We have all of our stops planned already, Chatanooga TN, and then valdosta GA. I have a friend right off the highway we are taking about an hour from chattanooga, so we may stop and see her for a bit. That would be nice.

    Not much else is going on here, just going crazy trying to get stuff finished so we can get out of here!

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2006-08-17 20:12 (link)
Good luck with the move!!

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2006-08-26 23:44 (link)
did you move yet?!

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2006-09-10 17:25 (link)
where are you??

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2006-09-16 20:25 (link)
Hi sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. we are in FL now. Yay. Ill update now. lol.

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