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Maeliyn (amyhedgehog) wrote,
@ 2003-05-08 11:16:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic

    *skidds in* YEEEAAAAAAAAAOOOWWW!!! *trips over stone* GAH!! *fallz* OWCH!!! ............. *gets up* *dusts self off* Whew...What a ride... Sry I was'nt on yesterday, I was REAL busy and couldn't get on!! But it's a bit better now...I still have some work to do, but not much...I'll be away for the weekend, so there willl be zilch updates here until Monday...*sigh* oh well...anyway, I am on today and I get to stay home cause today is feild day!!! n__n thnx mom!! I also get to stay home cause I'm going to Balitmore this weekend, and I gotta pack!! We're leaving to go tonight, so I won't be on at night. But I'll be on all today! I'll be doing things I didn't get a chance to do before, so I may be a bit busy and slow with messaging. I'm here, at least, right? right!! I'm drawing that pic of Kiroomi, but it hasn't finished just yet...the colors got all messed up when I scanned it, so I'm coloring it again by computer...But i'm rather excited, cause I like going to my cousin's house!! Yea, I'm going to my dear cousin'a house this weekend!!! But the main reason I'm going is because my mom wants to see her mom for mother's day, which is this sunday. So I have to go, I dun really have a say...but still! I am looking forward to seeing Seanie Boy!!! (I call him that just because). Hm...I feel like another song!! But the song I wanna sing has no words, lol!! I guess I'll have to wait...n_n Well, I'm hoping to hear from all of you soon!! Ja matta ne!!

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