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Amy Acker (amyacker_) wrote,
@ 2003-04-17 16:56:00
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    Current mood: bored

    So, I'm thinking there have to be a billion "I love Liza" fanclubs out there, but I'm making another one. Mmm hmm. And I'm going to be the president of this club and make little dorky buttons and everything, because I love Liza. Don't hate on the Amy/Liza love, okay? Because it's the best, and you should know this.
    So, I'm lurking. Oops. AIM won't let me on, which is annoying, but I'll try to lurk less whenever AIM decides to let me on. Until then, you'll have to deal with this update that has been brought to you by my ultimate boredom. Yeah huh.

    But for now, I'm off to play some video game with the nine year old kid that lives next door, but for some reason keeps finding his way over to my place. Come on, you can't send a little kid away. It would be wrong. Like kicking a puppy or something. Just absurd.

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2003-04-17 21:50 (link)
Well, this wins the "best update ever" award. Why? because my name was in it. ;) and also cause you wrote it. and I am keeping my promise of commenting every one of your posts. I love my fanclub president. :-*

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2003-04-18 02:08 (link)
*shakes head* The unfairness of it all....

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