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Amy (amoney2005) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 18:19:00
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    I hate sundays!!
    I went to the mall today and got new clothes! I usually never go to the mall but this was the second day in a row. i need to get my car fixed or get a new car but i have no money and i am always busy with school activities that i don't have time for any job except babysitting on the weekends and even though it pays good i always spend all of my money. My family christmas party is December 13th and both my parents arn't going to it but i still am and i want to have someone come with me but i dunno who, all of my cousins will have there boyfriends/girlfriends with them and yet again this year i don't have a boyfriend to bring with me. if i don't have a guy with me it will make me sad and depressed and all my family members will be like why don't you have a boyfriend and ask me tons of questions. i don't know if i should ask the guy i like to go with me or if i should ask one of my guy friends to go with me as a favor.

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