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cara shea` (americanxidiot) wrote,
@ 2004-10-11 08:42:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:the new workout plan-kanye west haha taco

    first entry.funny weekend
    this is my first entry =D

    well it is early in the morning and im still half asleep
    im talking to caity on the computer this weekend was pretty cool it was soo funny friday night we had a half day so after school me jordan and joelle and jacki came back to my house and hung out and we ordered dominos and the guy was late so i was like dont we get our pizza free now? and so jordan wanted to tell the guy sooooo bad but she didnt and then we went to the mall and i got chapstick yeah it says i love dorks on it haha and i got this body stuff from bath and body works its coconut lime ooohh its awesome and then saturday i had to ref in the morning i reffed with this girl marissa she was cool and i got there early so this dude came over to me and was like okay one of the refs didnt show up so can you ref this last quarter with ashley so i was like okay so then i reffed with ashley and it was a throw in so i was like okay somone from blue throw the ball in and so this girl comes over and throws the ball right into the net and the whole team was cheering and me and ashley were laughing hysterically and i went over to the girl and i was like uhh you cant do that but ill let you do the throw in over just throw it to a girl on your team so she threw it to the other team and they ran down the field and scored haha it was sooo funny and then i had practice at 3 it was funny and then i came home and showered and then my sister and her friends went to coldstone so i told them to get me something and they got me birthday cake remix with gummy bears wooh and now today i am probably doing nothing but tomorrow im getting my hair cut and then wednesday i have an sbs game wooh finally we havent had a game in so long wooh 5-0-1 oh yeah well gotta go. later`

    love always,
    cara shea

    you were born an original dont die a copy

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2004-10-15 14:10 (link)
Hey, we see you like ashlee simpson! :) We do too!

Please join the new ashlee community, ashleesimpson_

We have pic of the day, updates, pics and more!

Thanks so much!

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