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AmericanPsyco98 (americanpsyco98) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 19:13:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:Flashlight Brown - Ready to Roll (haha its been a long time)

    heard some interesting stuff around school today...

    dont really wanna type it cuz i dont noe who reads this. probably nobody but if thats the case, well then i can't feel stupid cuz nobody noes what im saying. but whatever. that didnt' even make that much sense...

    but yea. alot of strange and interesting things...very interesting.
    some good for me, some good for others, some bad for me, and some bad for others. well. can't think of anything bad for others but ill get back to you when i make something up.

    moving on...
    im really freakign sore and crap from tennis. you'd think being on your feet for about 3 hours wouldn't be that bad would it? its fun but im just like...tired.
    the whole prospect of standing for another 20 minutes or so in the shower just...i dont wanna think about it.
    you know what i mean?

    but whatever.

    yea but taht PSAT sure was exciting wasn't it kiddies? i have to admit, the one advantage FCAT has over it is that there's time to sleep during FCAT.
    but oh well.
    i'm considering making a petition to get like a naptime. like advisory, but make it official. you know what i mean? like its actually called "sleepy-time" or something gay. lol. who knows.
    but that would be nice.
    yea its always an option to sleep DURING class but then sometimes you get liek smacked by the teacher. i can imagine Dent slapping the top of my head with a noe?

    oh hey food. adios

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