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Fake Smiles and Fading Stars (americanloser02) wrote,
@ 2005-01-02 10:05:00
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    Current mood: amused

    ok. schools tomorrow which really makes me sad, it like ruins the rest of the day.. damnit. i wanna go to the mall today to get a new purse, thats all i need still :( i think we're hooking up the internet to my computer today and the cable to my tv?
    ok now i feel like typing whats been on my mind. love.. nothing lasts forever with it.. even if you are with the person the rest of your life your always hurt in the end when the other passes away. you may be happy for such a long time but theres always that time & place when its time for it to end. so i guess sometime in our lives we all will get hurt with it. i just thought id write that in here, probably made me sound like a loser ;)

    another thing i noticed is people will act so different when your with them its not even funny. yet when you decided to erase them out of your lifes they always want to get back at you, yet you dont care. but you know what goes on yet it doesnt effect you in any sense. sometimes you feel like just being friends with people so their they wouldnt be so immature but it has to work both ways. maybe i look at things to differently? but im to the point where i have cared, but i dont anymore but if i need to i will care.. its confusing..but i guess were all assholes ... gee.

    well enough of that hhahaha XD i think im getting sick , i dont wana take n e medicines though.. i dont think i really have a new year resolution? but disreguarding below, i think i can add more to my list.
    ::the list::

    + went to the beach 2 times
    + went with chelsey the 2nd time
    + got to see the ripley's believe it or not museum ahah!
    - didn't do the normal camping trip :(
    -+ got a locker on the 3rd floor
    - shouldnt of taken newswriting
    + many people in my family got married
    + bought goldfish XD
    - they died
    + mom got a convertable
    - dad got a motorcycle
    + got spiral steps in our garage
    -last year of rjhs bball :(
    +went canoeing for the 1st time
    -digital camera broke
    +got a new one
    -slacked in school all year
    +- i seen so many effin movies
    + 1st tanning bed experience hahahaha XD
    + got paid alot of money
    + started up my driving
    - summer went fast
    + didnt do track
    - mary moved
    + seen her at the mall a few days ago

    ok well i cant think of anymore hahaha, but i did add to the one below : )

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2005-01-02 14:47 (link)
[( K a T i E )] <33 *-

im Glad you finally got rid of all them troubles.. well troUble! your you again & i really missed that! i thnk we all did though. It sUcks how half your yeaR was shIttT! yeah p pl are gay, yea, well us fam. knos whats best for you and so people you had def. wasnt. eww. aha (: boys who ma ke you spend all your money on em are pathetic : P oh weelz . . sory this is sloppy .. cant rily type. just dun care for people who tr eat ya lyke shyt <3*

love ya..

you kno who

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