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Fake Smiles and Fading Stars (americanloser02) wrote,
@ 2004-11-06 19:12:00
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    Current mood: loved

    yesterday was our last game of the season ; ( it was a blow out and we won.. the 8th graders hardly got to play tho, umm then around 6 all the bball girls went out to eat at pizza hut ; ) ahah it was funn...even tho tiffani wouldnt stop taking pictures of me ; / then afterwards bum, little, and me went to this new movie place to get some movies. we got a tour of the place and made a new friend :D umm we ended up getting mean girls and secret window XD i got carpet burn sadly from diving on the carpets. then we came back to my house and shortly after chelsae came over. zach and adam were going to come over but they coudlnt. so we called up hoppy and lightner and then ventured was effin crazy..bummie smashed a banana on me ; ( everyone was super hyper and wow it was fun XD XD we tried watching secret window but we didnt make it through the movie and did a talent show er somethingXD ahahah so much happened but i dont feel like typing it all. then the boys left around 12, so we made some food and poped in mean girls, katie and chels feel asleep during it. then around 2 i went to bed. today everyone woke up at 7 besides me XD they said that stephan was screaming into my ear through the phone but i didnt hear n e thing ? so by the time i woke up no one was here ; ( i had to clean all day and i thought i wasnt going to get outta the hosue. then stephan told me to meet him so i did and we walked around everywhere then plotted at some park. then i walked home later. my family from florida is here XD haha idk whats up for tomrrow, i think im might be going ot the movies...well thats it..

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2004-11-10 14:27 (link)
so why dont you and fred. hang out anymore ?

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2004-11-10 21:18 (link)
eh, she doesnt like me er something probably..

who is this? gina ?? haha

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2004-11-11 12:46 (link)
yeah you know it . . she likes you ass . . maybe you should call . seeing as our computer is broke ... k bibud

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2004-11-12 23:32 (link)
you guys should call me sometimeeee too (: haha i could tell the post was from you XD

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