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Aim B (amelieb) wrote,
@ 2005-07-22 09:44:00
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    Jezebel, by iron and wine
    After many hours of uninterrupted boredom, Chester returns today on Loblolly in Rogers City.


    My life is quite dismal when experienced alone.

    Okay guys, I need advice (that means if you ARE reading this, you must comment. Otherwise, I'll know that nobody reads this). U of M contacted me because AOL/WB is making this online reality series pilot, which might but probably won't air on the WB. Anyway, it's about my first semester at the U of M and blah blah...

    anyway, i'd get 16 weeks of pay and I'd be on the net...but I don't know. I have to like submit a video of myself talking...and...well, it's all a lot of awkwardness.

    what should i do?

    other than that, i should go shower and whatnot so i can actually look decent for chester. it's hot out. dang it. why can't it just be fall yet?

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2005-06-28 00:26 (link)
Omgoodness, definitly do the WB thing. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity, as corny as that sounds, its so true. I think it would be fun and an awesome experience. It would be like a live journal, it would be cool, just talking to the camera. You should undoubtably do it, no question!

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2005-06-28 10:33 (link)
They say that everyone gets fifteen minutes of fame. This could end up being yours. So ask yourself, is this what you want to do with your fifteen? Or are you holding out for something better?

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2005-06-30 11:54 (link)
i think you should do it. it cant hurt, and its money, unless you think you are selling yourself out, which i dont think you would be. it could be really cool. i think you should. love, renee

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2005-07-02 13:28 (link)
Renee! I miss you! email me back, man.

p.s. when i come to detroit (shopping...must go shopping) you are definitely going to meet me somewhere!



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2005-07-04 00:27 (link)
i emailed you back (now write me backkkk). i saw on your facebook music (i know, but jees that website is addicting) that you like dispatch, adjflajfad, i love dispatch. okay, talk to you later. loveeee, renee

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2005-07-16 21:17 (link)
It might already be over, but I'd say go for it. The only way to be sure about something is to NOT do it.

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