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Aim B (amelieb) wrote,
@ 2005-03-03 08:44:00
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    Current music:jennifer knapp (it's like a flashback to tenth grade)

    finally, we have school.
    i have spent this morning studying for my AP Gov test that was supposed to be on friday, but i left after school on thursday for lansing. mr bright said i could make it up on tuesday during class, but then we had a snow day on tuesday and wednesday. so now it is thursday and i've memorized so many court cases and amendments my brain is bound to burst. oooh, catch that alliteration?

    anyway, it's quarter to nine and i have about half an hour until i must leave. well, more like forty minutes. this isn't important...why am i writing about it?

    i think i'll use this space today to vent about journalism. okay....yes, people don't listen to me. in fact, sometimes it seems like they're undertaking a blatant attack on not only me, but all the editors and the world of journalism in general. ergh. and now my teacher might lose her job, mrs. werner has to read the paper before it goes to print and it's all a big mess. and, of course, it's all my fault. for crying out loud.

    on top of that, school is boring. senioritis is majorly kicking in. like, full-fledged attack on my immune system. senioritis reminds me of AIDS-OIs in that, all of a sudden, the infection becomes too much and i just...die. or go crazy waiting for spring break (3 more weeks).

    why is school so boring? because my teachers are as big of slackers as the students. AP Gov is a lot of work, but just memorization and work. AP Lit is a joke...and it makes me sad because i love the subject so much. all my other classes have their own unique challenges, but nothing so difficult that i have to study for hours at a time (ahh...i remember the days of doubek and kelly and denise hill, my crazy triathalon running professor). it just seems like i'm not going to be prepared at all for college because our school is so slack.

    speaking of college, u of m has its own pros and cons...but i'm thinking that it's basically going to be a lot like high school (jocks, preps, etc...) unless i enter college willing to change and be that person i wanted to be when i was 13. you know, painting and playing guitar...wandering in the libraries for hours when i find the exactly perfect poetry for the moment. anyway, i want to be inspired and in love with my surroundings. michigan just seems like a more beautiful, cultured alpena high. which is almost what i want, but not nearly similar enough to my seven sisters colleges on the east coast. u of m is affordable, cheap even, and that's good for my family. but, just for once, i'd like to be selfish. i'd like to fly away.

    i won't know from my schools out there until next month. actually, about a month from today. i'm scared. but not very expectant.

    as for scholarships. i only have like a week to do that youth of the year thing...if i want to do that i better get goin! and i'm doing the medilodge (gazillion dolla!) scholarship. my subject is so amazing, if i don't do well through writing, dr. o'dell could practically win it for me. he's so interesting. what a life he has led. anyway, i really need to get going on that too...i need to think of a lot more questions and research his disability more.

    okay, it's almost nine o'clock. i should go study again, even though i have memorized it all. ergh.

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