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`_ When The Wrong Person Loves You Right _ ` (ambitiousxchik) wrote,
@ 2004-05-02 23:37:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Jay-Z - Brush Your Shoulders Off (oh man im weird)

    Theres a difference between friends and acquaintances... trust me
    sO my weekend was funn. Lets have a little recap On sum shit;

    Friday ; school was cool. jenn talked to him ahh. coolio. i touched his elbow. wow. lol riight. um brian/bryan w.e and ant voted for our fucked up project like 50 times so now we're probably guna win... >:O ugh. great. " errr.. wrong answer" haha yeah thats wat jenn calls "buzzers". Mr. D (my algebra teacher) might hire me as his assistant.. YAY i need a job! Jorge had his operation thingy. I called him afterschool but he didnt answer. I walked around a bit with jenn.. saw Peanut Butter!! lol hes great and sum other ppz.

    This weekend i went to PA again. it was lots of funnnn! I made sum new friends ;) and had a great wknd.

    Saturday ; I chilled watching moovies withmy sis while everybody else went out. i <3 PA! i talked to Jorge for almost 4 hours on the phone then i said id call him bak but i forgot. My sis and i had an all nighter last night just driving around, with no idea where the hell we were :x haha fun stuff. My sister kept going around sum block cuz there was this hott kid and i wanted to "holler" at him... :D But we eventually lost him cuz it was too dark out. Then i was guna call Jorge but i wasnt sure he was awoke or w.e so i didnt. Me and my sis made a fire and roasted marshmellows. Well i roasted them merley for entertainment cuz i dunt like marshmellows. hm.. i cant remember wat else happened... OH my new friend Eddy is um weird :| hahaha

    me ; " Brush ur shoulders off!!!"
    my sister ; " :: brushes shoulders off:: Ladies is pimps too! "
    jose ; " NO only jess can brush her shoulders off cuz she be pimpin them guys like um well... yeah i dunt know wat to compare it to but she's " The illest dyme! "
    me ; " and dunt u forget it!"

    LMAO riight. i hugged jose <3 lol

    TOday ; Jorge called at 8 am i ignored it then again at 11:16 am.. i missed it. So i called him bak. we talked froma round 11:25 am till 4:47 pm. :O damn. and the only reason we finally hung up was cuz i hadta go out to mannys house so therefore i had to get dressed and shit. We talked about a lot;

    - He said i can have anything i wanted and i told him "I cant have wat i want trust me" yeah he got me...
    - "If only it were that easy"
    - Boxers w. glasses.. yummy
    - "...Arms.. well arm cuz my left one is crippled at the moment." LOL
    - Bath = relaxing

    and soo much fucken more shit but im not in the mood to be typing so thats enough.

    His operation went okay.. it lasted way too long. It was origanlly suppose to take no more than 1 hour but it lasted about 5 hours. :\ um he had to go bak to the hospital yesturday cuz sumthing was too tight and he couldnt feel his arm cuz there was no circulation. The painkillers they gave him arent working and hes in a lot of pain.. i feel bad for him. He cant go to school for at least 2 weeks. damn lucky ass. He cant leave the house for at least 2-3 weeks cuz if sumthing happens and he sumhow hits his arm against even the smallest thing then hes screwed. I gotta go visit him but im not sure when. Most likely ill go tuesday. we opened up to eachother a lot today and were talkign bout our past. he was telling me sum shit that left me dumbstruck. anyway so afterwards like at 6 me and my sis went for a drive again. got home at like 7. watched Wild Things. Ate sum chips. Had sum Coronas. thats wat i luv bout my sis.. she lets me drink when im with her. Then i had to hide the corona bottles. My sis doesnt drink much so it was only the 2 bottles i had, so i threw them in the woods LMAO.. "good arm!" yup yup. :) Then came bak home here.

    NOw ; im here bak at this home. tired. sleepy. bored. talking to sum kid that randomly IMed me... hes cute ;) and paulinho. i called jorge and he said hed call me bak. yupperz.

    While i was talking to Jorge sumtime today my mom was aksing me sumthing and he was like "IS THAT UR MOM?!" i was like.. uh yeah. Hes like " TELL HER I SAID HIIII!" i was like uh okay?! yeah they ended up having a little conversation on the phone. i was like wtf?! lol they get along a little too good. then his mom was interrupting me and him with her stories about old portuguese women and how they cant drive LMFAO! i was literally LMAO on the other line. Then she was all AWW with Jorge's "story" uh ok lol i was like OMFG UR MOM IS AWESOME! lol shes great. then he was talking to her in french.. aww. yeah im such a fucken blond. he was like u know french? i was like nah not really. so yeah he tested me and i actaully though "wee" or w.e the fuck it is was "thank you"... im such a loser.

    gosh i still have soo much to update about but o wellz i dunt feel like typing anymore so ate logo meninos mal criados :P

    ` gOOd niighty

    ♥ mE

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2004-05-03 03:18 (link)
hm... i would like that :P but i dont know how :)

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