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Amberina (amberina) wrote,
@ 2003-02-04 11:57:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Bif Naked - "Lucky"

    Wow I'm Actually Updating!
    It's been a while but I've been really busy. First of all with the roleplay . . . which has convinced that we're all on crack. Our rp has actually turned into a threesome . . . for the full scoop read Faith, Wesley, and Fred's journals. I want the threesome to work out . . . Faith and Fred both love each other and Wes but Wes is worried the women don't really love him and just want each other. Aww poor Wes . . .

    And then there's the music video I'm making. It's B/A with some B/S and it's to a Vanessa Carlton song . . . it's turning out really great so far, thanks to Rach and her scene gettng abilities. And thanks to Google which automaticly translates the German clip sites even if it does translate Angel as "fishing rod" - which, lmao, is pretty damn funny in some contexts. Like the summary for "Angel" says something like - "Buffy and fishing rod share thier first kiss, until Buffy realizes that fishing rod humans is not." How funny is that?

    And then there's the totally baffling fact that You Get Me did get into the BtVS Writers' Guild . . . which is happifying but . . . what? I was shocked. And I so know it was because I didn't care. If I was waiting around a wishing and hoping I so wouldn't have got in. Whatever. I should probably make a new layout for the site but I'm too busy and too lazy.

    And then I need to make Kathryn a layout for her RP journal . . . and I should already have it done but . . . things have come up, Real Life things which reminds me -


    I guess that's all for now . . . hopefully I can find some time to write later.

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