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Amber (amber_dove_16) wrote,
@ 2003-06-21 22:30:00
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    Current mood: rejected
    Current music:Garth Brooks - "To Make You Feel My Love"

    work is getting better - my legs hurt - I need Joe
    ....sighs.... it's good to be home...

    Work was ok - I made $25 bucks in tips soo.. it was ok - but this one guy was really freaking me out - he told me he was going to wait til I turned 18 and then he was going to take me away out west... then he told me that I looked good in my jeans and that he could wait for me forever - and I didn't say a thing - I just walked away - creepy!

    I need someone to love me..... and I believe Joe does love me but I need to know that he does and I don't think he makes that effort in making sure I know he's there for me or loves me, ect.. I believe I'm going to quit calling him all together - and make him call me if he wants to talk - I know he works his butt off at the factory and then comes home and has to work on the farm - then he's always catching up on sleep that he doesn't get enough of... but in between those times all I want is a call saying I love you and then he can say bye and hang up - or an email when he checks his... I took 5 minutes out of my time the other day to email him and all he had to do was write a few lines back .... Maybe I'm being unreasonable or inconsiderate or selfish but I need that every now and then... I'm the one who calls him and tells him I love him and I do with all my heart - but I need to know he loves me as well....

    I need to lose 20lbs.

    **Amber Mae**

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