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Snipp (amardallestelle) wrote,
@ 2004-02-22 10:46:00
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    Current mood:a better day
    Current music:the early november

    one step at a time...
    Okay, him and I have been talking for two weeks now. Is it wrong to say I am totally into him? The things he says, the way he dresses, the way he smells, the way he holds me, the way we kiss! UUhhh! I am not sprung, I never allow myself to get that way, but I am doubtlessly diggin him!

    So my guy friends are in town this weekend. I was a freshmen, and they were seniors at Piner High, in Santa Rosa, CA. So these guys are 21+ yrs old. I was majorly stoked to here that they came to Reno! See, my jr. yr. they came into town for a college basketball tourny. I brought my friend Brittney to their hotel with me to chill. Well, her and this guy Chris (CJ) hit it off, and they keep in touch since that nite. So he called her and was like "hey i am in town come see me" So I guess she tried to call me, and stopped by my house last nite, but I was gone...out to dinner at Chevy's baby!! hehe! Anyway- So I call her up on my way home, at like 10:15, she said she was at the hotel with the guys, by herself...and that HER friends Emma and Roxanne were on their way. to the hotel.

    OOKKKAAYY-NO! That was not okay with me. Who the hell does she think she is inviting her friends up to their hotel? Fucking acting like she owns that crew..I don't THINK SO, never will happen. These are my guy friends.. MY CREW, she told me her friends were going..and I just felt like she was tryin to take my place with those guys. (i am a girl, yes i am bitchy, yes we are drama, and yes i am possesive in a way, if ppl try to replace me) Its funny too because my best friend in CA, Alyse, use to date one of my the guys, JJ. And thats how I met them..and JJ is good friends with CJ. So Alyse would go to their b-ball games (that were in town, (santa rosa)). And she saw that CJ has a girlfriend.... uh-oh...Brittneys getting played! HAHHA! I know these guys...oh so too well, needless to say I was played by one of the guys from that crew...but we are cool and good friends now. But back to what i am tryin to spit out: Alyse is all about her girls, and sticking up for them..backing them up no matter how wrong they are or what! Alyse told Brittney..hey yo CJ has a girlfriend..they have been dating for a while now. So Brittney asks CJ "do you have a girlfriend?" He just replied "no" LOL! (sure he doesn't have a girlfriend while he starts to feel you don't see her there do you? Then nope he must not have the moment anyway!)

    So nonetheless, I am a pussy, and I didn't want to drive all the way to the Silver Legacy, show up by myself! And have someone else ruin my time.... So i never went to go see my guy friends. Interesting as it is the last time I talked to her was after I ate dinner...told her I was going to come. Then I never called her to say I wasn't, and she never called to see where I was?! I thought..and maybe I thought wrong..but don't normally when you are meeting up with someone, and they don't show, you call to see where they are or what happened to them? I guess not Brittney..she never bothered to call. That just showed to me how too conceeded and into the guys she was...she didn't really want me there I bet. I bet she wanted to be there with her friends, and those guys. The sad thing is ... Brittney is still in High School. Those guys are not serious about high school girls, even when they were in high school! LOL! And Brittney invites all her little friends..hahahah! Whatever!

    On a better note: I got a fucking job... $9 bucks an hour! Whoa! I also work for my psy teacher... helping him type out shit, he is an online I am pretty much the teacher temporarily. He has something wrong with his thats why I am helpin him out! Shit I don't mind making 12.50 an hour! I made a $100 dollars from him on Friday! So I got a job... I am pretty sure I got this guy hooked as mine, and I am having a good time being a college student partying!

    My dad is making me pay rent now..which is shitty. I have to pay $250 a month, as well as my own car insurance... but my dad forgot how much my insurance I only have to pay $120 a month! HAH! HE is such a fucking stoner... his memory loss is what saves my ass sometimes. That is really exciting to me... 120! Normally is $185, but the rates are going up because of my step-brother's car accident..and it will soon be $255 a month! So 120 compared to 250 is a killer deal!

    I guess you could say I am happy. I feel more secure now that I have a job. I mean I have $237 to last me until a paycheck..which probly won't be until after March 1st, but March 1st I owe rent money..and insurance..and I still have to continue to fill my gas tank up. So I was stressing out there for a while..but now I feel a little better. I think its bullshit I have to pay my own schooling... then pay rent while i live at home with RESTRICTIONS...thats BS! My dad wouldn't be making money is I moved out... I know for a fact they would NOT get a room-mate and rent my room out, so its not like he is loosing anything by my living here. So really I am doing him a favor by living here! And if you know me..then you know I don't do my dad favors... I do shit to fuck him over!

    Anyhow...apologies for the laziness I have been pulling.. I never post anymore. Mainly because if Larisa is home and I am on the computer just talkin to other ppl or updating my journal..she gets, uh-um, I don't know how to say it. So yea I hardly ever get the time to do I hate being online for a long time..its ties up my phone line, and I am always expecting someone to call...
    I need a cell phone...soon, hopefully, soon. I know, I know i have been saying that I will get one soon, but you ppl dont understand! I WILL SOON! LOL! I am out to start my sunday morning off...a cup of tea, watch some dvd's and just kick back...probly get bored!
    %-#=**&-$=^ bbaahh <----- no idea what that is! hehehe!
    peace- Valerie

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A job!!
2004-02-23 01:28 (link)
You got a job! Whoo! And not a bad paying job either, that rocks. Best of luck with rent and crap.


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woo hoo
2004-02-24 00:30 (link)
yay rah! valarie got a job, i am sososo proud, sorry im shitty at finding the job thing though! but good luck!

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Re: woo hoo
2004-02-24 18:50 (link)
Thanks guys! Today was my second day working far so good! LOL! Anyhow, thanks for the concern...its always re-assuring to know that your friends are there for you even though they really aren't there! LOL! hehehe! ;)
I gotta jet... talk to you lata~

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