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Snipp (amardallestelle) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 15:12:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:PROPAGANDHI

    I swear to fucking god I hate this family, and everyone it in; IE-THE GRANDMOTHER! I wish I could kill her, if I could get away with it I would! I swear that too!
    Why I am so pissed off right now? Well read on..... so last nite larisa asks me if I can pick up her and dimitry up from school. I told her I couldn't b/c I had school. So today it turns out I could pick them up! Like a smart person I called RHS and told them to send a note to Larisa telling her I would pick her up! Then I called their grandmother, and asked her if larisa had called her... the grandmother...we will refer to her has "the old hag" okay, so the old hag told me no larisa never called her, so I said "okay bye" Check, I had it all covered, larisa never called her grandmother to pick them up, and I contacted Larisa so she would know that I would pick them up and not the old hag. Well I get to RHS parking lot 5mins early...and guess who is there? THE OLD HAG! I ran up to her car, and said hi. She asked me what I was doing, and I asked her the same. So we were both there to pick the kids up...but how did that happen? I thought I covered it? FAG NICK called his grandma at lunch and told her to pick them up. I told the old hag that since I just drove all the way to RHS I would take them, that way she doesn't have to go to our house..since it would be out of her way. She says "no i will take them, I am here" I said "no I am already here, and going to go to our house, I just raced here from my school, so I will just take them" She starts rambling on about shit, and yelling at me. Then her last sentence was "I just want to take MY grandkids home" And gave me the look. I hate her, and the way she emphasized MY GRANDKIDS, made it clear-like it always has been-that she does not want anything to do with me, and does not consider me a grandkid.
    So I just walk away, and head back to my truck. I sit in my truck waiting, b/c I wanted to talk to larisa. Well the old hag got all paranoid..she starts to roll up her windows in her car, locker her car doors, then walks up to the exit where Larisa would walk out....(she is standing by the fucking door, of where larisa is going to come out...i would die if my grandma did that to me...waited for me right there...fuck that!) n-e who...she waits a while by the school door, then walks over to my truck, and YELLS AT ME MORE! "why are you still here, go home, I said I wanted to take my grandchildren home, blah blah blah" FUCK THAT..i don't need an old hag yelling at me!!!! She finally walked away...and I drove off, and missed the chance to talk to larisa.
    I go, chill, and start typing this all out..and the kids walk in the door. GUESS WHAT THE OLD HAG DID? Erica should know this.....anyone who knows larisa should know what the old hag did for them? TOOK THEM TO MCDONALD'S (larisa's favorite!)
    I think the old hag knew all along she would take them..thats why she made a big deal out of her taking them home and not me....and EVERYONE and ANYONE...take note of how I was not invited nor did any get sent home for me. The old hag does that all the time....anytime the ask their grandma to take them out to lunch or dinner or breakfast or something... and she knows that I am there, she says she can't. Then the next day when I can't make it or am not around she takes them. SHE IS SUCH (EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE) BUT SHE'S A CUNT! It's funny how they always goes out to dinner or whatever when I am not think after 2 or 3 yrs of living here, it just happens by coincidence??? I sure as hell don't. Maybe I am being paranoid?! IRONIC!?!?!
    Feel free to give any input... erica I am somehow hoping you will comment and say something comforting, b/c I think u are the only one who could even come close to relating or understand where I am coming from... but my guess is you won't even read this! hahahaha! Alright I gotta go get ready for my second date with Mike! He is taking me to dinner in Tahoe, at some sea food place...I don't like sea food! I don't like eatting in front of ppl...well ppl I barely know~ I am nervous can u tell? Okay I am going to go figure out what I am going to wear! peace-

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totally not unexpected...
2004-01-31 21:28 (link)
ok, so what a surprise, she is like that, ive seen how shes a biatch to you allll these years although ive NEVER had the joy of experiencing it myself (LOL), but you know how she is, im not sure i would have handled it so well i would have been ppPPPPPUIIIIISSSEEDEDD i swear, i guess shes a sweet old lady conniving at times but theres still the fact that she is a bitch to you and that pisses me off, she should seriously take some time to get to know you and tach you to bake cookies blablablabla... ok not oging that far cause that would just be creepy, but could she at least be NICE?

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