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Amanda (amandalou) wrote,
@ 2003-03-17 17:04:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:headache.. ow

    you ain't nothing but a hound dog
    entries just getting shorter and shorter i think. not much happened. time to list things.
    - i like tim
    - i dont know if i like tim
    - tim asked stephanie to invite
    - stephanie turned him down
    - i dont know if he likes me anymore
    - i want tim.. bad..
    - i am going to hear the navy band perform tonight at school with kaisa!
    - tonight should be fun
    - ryne wants to have a threesome with kaisa, him, and i or erika! weird kid, no sex.
    - sven is a bastard who repels mr. scott
    - scott's cool and might talk to me tomorrow in the hall!! woo woo
    - erika wrote a kick ass journal entry and so did i
    - jill's cutting herself again
    - she shows it off and then denies it and i caught her and she got all pissed at me, she still is
    - i think ryan hates me
    - hahahaha
    - sheep go ba, not bah
    - my xanga looks very pretty
    - today is st. patrick's day, and i wore blue colors
    - tim is depressed now and i just want to hug him and make him feel all better
    - savannah looks stupid in pig tails and should be shot
    - i think im going to delete my deadjournal soon and save it all
    - erika and i have been planning this for a while

    until later,

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2003-03-19 00:46 (link)
how do I join your band geek community?

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