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Amanda (amanda_damn_it) wrote,
@ 2004-04-28 17:30:00
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    Current mood: creative

    *spinds in chair*

    Having waaaaaaaay too much fun for my own good right now! And decided to write a journal entry, as I haven't in, oh, forever. Yup, so whats going on you ask... *shrugs* WASL testing surges forward, and I surge with it (sound kinda kinky, don't it?). Kinda bored-ish with school right now, nothing but french nonsence, testing, and biology crap. And on the not so boring side there is Firemen burning books in LA (we be reading F451), and Art class is chock full o' me drawing nakkid peoples. Not that we have real nakkid people, just me drawing stuffs out of the lifedrawing book. Boys bodies are crazy, with their penises, and whatnot.


    Oh! I totally have pinked my head, its so pink its not even funny. Maybe a little funny, because I kinda look like an anime character, only less with the sexy. Sometimes I wish I was an anime character, I think that would be loads of fun! Run around all day in tiny clothes, maybe save some people, talk to robots. Yeah, that would be the life.

    I totally need to finish this damn picture. It shall be full of people doing silly people stuff. As I really need to learn how to draw the human form a tad bit better. *Sigh* Its just lying there looking all "draw on me" and stuff. Bastard. I have sitting around to do, dammit!

    Wonder if I have homework tonight... wait... yes, yes I do. I should probably do that, as I want to pass French this year. Dang grades getting in the way of a good time. Can't wait until summer, it will be busy and fun at the same time. Unlike someone I know, called School. I'm really excited about the summer now though, weather being all nice in Seattle, making me want to lay out in the sun. Or run in a field of flowers, or some such pish-posh. Damn I'm all hyper now.

    Should probably go now, and try to find a picture to draw, or read, or do homework. Yeah.

    Bye all!
    Love ya~

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2004-04-29 16:35 (link)
Hey it's been a long time since I'v updated or evn commented. But anyways if you remeber me my new journal name is red_humans so if you still want to know me then you can add me.

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2005-01-31 14:54 (link)
Is it ok to add you?

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