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Becky (amagicstar) wrote,
@ 2004-04-23 15:15:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Week and Powerless A perfect Circle

    Now who do i have?
    Last night i wanted to see what Mindy wanted so i went over. When i got inside there was nothing but boxes. I put two and two together. She said she was moving to west virginia tonight. I didn't think it really mattered to me that she was moving but now i am alone and it hurts i have no one to talk to shop with take out to eat or run with. She also gave me a break with Jarred. What ever who cares and this is another reason why i don't want friends. I'am to emotional. She was gonna help me with the whole Chris going to jail thing. I should of known that i wasn't ment to be truely happy and comfortable in life.
    I choked back the tears when she took the wedding bells that i bought her and she said this is something very special to her. When all along I thought she hated it.
    Tonight hopeful if steve is in a good mood well go over to pappys. Cory and steve are only weekend friends. To bad it's gonna be dark when chris gets home. I wanna run i wanna run like hell. I wanna run my anger and depression out lol looks like i'am running to canada. wounder what the weather is like.
    Jarred is acting funny. I bet he's up to something stinky. lol well i gots ta go clean up the kitchen.

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awww.... sister!!!!! dont be sad!
2004-04-26 14:44 (link)
you have ME!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Re: awww.... sister!!!!! dont be sad!
2004-04-26 21:00 (link)
do i?

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Re: awww.... sister!!!!! dont be sad!
2004-04-27 23:30 (link)
Think about it sister i don't have you to be there for me. I would call you but i'am not allowed. I tried to hang out with you the one Monday I was over at moms but you shot me down. What ever Michelle I'am just happy you speak to me here. I've tried what can i say.

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