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Mel (altjunkie) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 19:08:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:Tsunami Bomb - El Diablo

    -:-wasted night
    my friday was pretty shitty. let's see, i got back from Multicultural practice.....the middle eastern choreographers are SOO UNORGANIZED!!! They didnt have anything ready, they didnt even know what song we're using, they wouldnt even have any dance moves if it werent for Parastoo! Ah well, im sure * i hope * they'll be finished on Wednesday.

    I cant believe we got into the playoffs in basketball!! haha, thats pretty freakin hilarious. we play some team i dont know on tuesday! same day as the boy's volleyball team~the undefeated~, they're sooo awesome!!

    -->omg! GOOD NEWS!!!! MELiSSA'S COMING BACK!!!!! YAY! AWWWW!!! Missed her lots!!!<--

    Today was actually even shittier, i worked all day and yeah now i'm here, rambling on about shit. oh yeah and watching the hockey game (2nd period just finished) and there's no score!.. yeah, boredom is the word. and i have church tomorrow......whoop-dee-doo. what a thing to look forward to. well, i'm going shopping tm i think, with my parents of course. I might get a snowboard!!! and i'm getting new shoes! I SOOO CAN"T WAIT TILL SKI CLUB!!!! i'm already in that! YAY!!! chris arnone's definitely gonna be teaching me to carve!!!! lol...i think i'm incompetent. but meh. i'm sure i'll get it =P yeah, well i best be getting back to my hockey game!!
    lotsa love, xoxo MEL

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