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*Christy* (allweptup) wrote,
@ 2003-05-17 23:49:00
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    Current mood: curious
    Current music:linkin park

    no wonder
    hehe, i just looked back and read all my entries. I'm really very pathetic. I wish i could stop. Some might even think im gay or something(which there's nothing wrong with that at all) i just hate bein' labled, that's all. When i was young(well, abt the 7th grade) i used to always envy those who were best friends with guys. I always wanted that kind of relationship. Then when i finally get it, i cant seem to hang on to him. I know what the best thing for him is, it's just really hard acting on it. But what's best for me? Cant i be a little selfish in times like these. all my life i've been doin' shit just because i wanna make other people happy. Would i rather make myself happy and ruin the lives of other people? no, i didnt think so. For once i wanna do something for myself. That makes ME happy. From now on im gonna try....First thing on my list, gettin' laid :)

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