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m&m heartie (allstar03) wrote,
@ 2003-12-24 19:18:00
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    Current mood: mellow

    i'm back...*`
    Hey kids. I'm still alive...heh. I've been just a little bit busy lately with all these social studies project and...well ive been slacking off in november. So I was working bit hard these past weeks!

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    yeah, christmas is tomorrow!! winter break has been really fun lately. presents are exchanged lol. i opened my friends presents because...they just wanted me too heh. so i got 3 adorable toe ring, lots of spa stuff, a cute little teddy bear and some candy heh. and tonight, i opened one. its a bit of tradition. i got this ADORABLE pacsun socks. of course it has paul frank on it. i love getting monkey stuff...«3 monkeys. hehe

    let's see. amanda and i are obsessing over this boy that I like. She wants me to say hey and everything. but like nikki says: im an amish asian. really, i dont have any guts to say hey. it sucks...i remember waving to him, but thats just...a...normal thing to do? haha. im really confused with this whole boy suitation. amandas not literally helping much either lol. i mean, shes just thinking a bit too ahead for valentines day.

    not much offline thngs are happening besides that. madde and i are planning to hang out as much as possible. shes terribly busy with swim. and i have a birthday party to go on the 27th. which is sad. i miss you, austin. god, since september 27th, the day austin died, i couldnt just handle or bear the thought hes up there in heaven. it wasnt truly his time to go. =( well it'll be fun still. and ive been hanging out with tim and his buds. yeah, i dunno why though. all of my girlfriends were still at lunch those days and i didnt just feel like eating much lately.

    people are calling me anoerxic lately. because ive lost like 4 pounds by jogging, my moms diet, not eating as usual. today i skipped lunch and breakfast...but i had a lot of chocolate? but i ate dinner. and the past few weeks...ive just ate crackers and bananas with pudding there and here. is that wrong? =\ ahh well. im trying to eat more...even on my PMS week ... i still dont eat. I havent had ANY craving for food. but im quiet lately. but its xmas eve...i perked up a bit i guess.

    no plans for tomorrow. i'll miss my daddy tho, he has to work. =( but he'll be here to celebrate the opening presents and everything. we're just going to wake up a bit EARLiER heh. haha sorry if this is such a depressing entry. but i'll write again as soon as i can!!

    happy new year and christmas!!

    i love you all -tee

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