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aLLie x BaBiE* (alliexbabie) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 13:56:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Konstatine - SoCo

    okay well sunday my cuzin came over:) boy do i love him!. shan came over too. then she left nd i went to the drive in with bree and rikki. i was stuck being the third wheel. freddy vs. jason was completely gay. and idn i guess i has an alright time.but it wud have been better if there was sumwun else there for me to hangout with while the too idiots were together.. butt yeaa. after that i went to brees. spent the night. then yesterday morning cuz bree had field hockey . and i went to get my hair dun @ jills with my sister and alla her friends. yea it was fun. but anyways. then i went to brees for a total of 2 hours. yeah fun fun. we walked t o the cemetary and jus chilled for a while. then my mom came nd picked me up andi went home. so ali cud come over but she told me that she cudnt. so i was pretty bummed out. then kev told me 2 meet him half way and he did start walking wen i got to the half way cuz i called him. and told him to run. so i started walkin towards himand we met up. then on our journey bacjk to my house we bumped into Robby Bren Nick and Mike. we walked a biut with them then me nd kev wentt to my houe. and chilled. then shannon came over and we all jus chilled. then my sister came home and told me thee was a rpaest onthe streets of bellingham so i got scared. then blake kevin and will decided it was funny to scare me. which it wasnt :( haha well right now im waitin for my mom to come home so i can go to my physical and then go to JENNA`z ! :)

    We Start Volleyball today..

    xOx Allie xOx

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2003-08-22 11:51 (link)
can you please learn to spell right.. what is with u people.. like all of you spell like freakin idots.. jesus

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:u kno wat fuck you!:
2003-08-22 22:43 (link)
you kno wat who ever the fuck you are!! FUCK YOU!!! If u dont like how people fuckin spell words!! Then dont fuckin look @ there blurtys!! Just get over it!! Its not like it is hurting you!!! JESUS PEOPLE!!!! Just LEAVE ALLIE ALONE!!!!!!gRr!!!! aHH!!!! Im not in a good mood and seeing that written in my best friends comments just makes it worse!!! So why dont u just shove it and dont look @ her fuckin blurty no more!!! how about that!!!!!! >:-O Plus all you people out there who just try to find somethign wrong with something in someones blurty have NO LIFE AT ALL!!! and Seriously need to get one!!!



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Re: :u kno wat fuck you!:
2003-08-25 14:49 (link)
at least i can spell and have a future.. ive read ur journal to.. wow ur a loser..:)

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Re: :u kno wat fuck you!:
2003-08-26 10:25 (link)

are you fucking for real people?! Jesus! Who fucking cares how shr writes or how other people write! Its there way of writing so fuckin get over YOURSELF! Your calling her the Loser i really dont think so. I think its time you took a look in the mirror! And thinking your so tuff nd shit i dont think so. I mean yea oh my god you left a comment on someone elses blurty. Whoa your a big shot allrighty. haha yea right! The thing is you left anonymous. So im kinda thinking your a fuckin PUSSY!!!! People these days.


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Re: :u kno wat fuck you!:
2003-08-27 10:13 (link)
First of all, that person is a hypocrite because they spelled "your" "ur"

Second of all, I'd also like to know what the point in abusing the spelling of the english language is, because if there is a reason for it, I'm sure we'd all like to know.

(don't use the "its faster" excuse because if you are so busy that you don't have the time to type out "you" instead of "u" then maybe you shouldnt be wasting that precious time online, or maybe your journal should be much more interesting, and much less typical)

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2003-08-25 14:50 (link)
Thanks Bunches Kate .
yea who cares wut other people think =]

<3 aLLie*

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2003-08-25 16:03 (link)
obviously not a fat piece of crap... huh i shoulda known

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2003-08-27 22:37 (link)
You little kids need to spell right.. and stop being GAY

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