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Geoff (allennecro27) wrote,
@ 2004-01-17 01:09:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:"Faint" by Linkin Park

    Survey 1
    *Name- Geoff
    *Age- 16
    *Height- 5'7
    *Weight- around 200 when I look like 160 (all muscle biatch)
    *Eye color- light blue
    *Hair color- black
    *Skin Color- white boy
    *Location- Peabody MA
    *Piercings- none
    *Tattoos- none yet

    *favorite brands: Random shit
    *favorite loungewear brands: none
    *favorite designers: Dont care
    *what's on your wish list: Top hat, Bright Neon Green pants
    *favorite department stores: Ann & Hope HAHA
    *favorite stores: none
    *if you could go anywhere in the world to shop, right at this instant, where
    would you go: Nowhere. Too lazy
    *favorite place to shop: Nowhere
    *best place to find a good sale: anywhere
    *favorite chain store: none
    *favorite mall: I hate the mall
    *favorite outlet malls: none
    *how would you describe your style: Random
    *favorite jewelry designers: none
    *kind of wallet you have: a 6 year old chain and a Pacsun wallet
    *website to shop on: and
    *what do you usually sleep in: Whatever I wore durin the day
    *pair of pajamas if you have: none
    *favorite jean brand: JNCO
    *how many pairs of sevens do you have? Wtf is a seven!?
    *what do you wish that a certain brand or designer would make again: 80s clothes like in Miami Vice and Scarface(those bad ass suits)

    ...Hair & Make-up...
    *favorite makeup brands: ---
    *best eyeshadow: ---
    *best bronzer: ---
    *best mascara: ---
    *best moisturizer: ---
    *favorite nail colors: Black sometimes
    *favorite beauty treatment: ---
    *favorite shampoo: whatever
    *favorite conditioner: whatever
    *do you use a blowdrier: no
    *straightener?: no
    *curling iron/rollers?: no
    *whats your daily beauty routine: Shower-dress-gel-gone!

    *favorite singer: Joe Fitz from Cenobite and Lajon from Sevendust
    *favorite band: Rammstein
    *What song makes you cry: "Spieluhr" by Rammstein
    *What song makes you happy: Anything by Rob Zombie or Rammstein
    *What do you like to listen to before bed: Usually HIM
    *Name a song that reminds you of someone and why: "Right Here In My Arms" by HIM because that is where I want Alicia ^_^ She was very upset on the phone and I will go out there and make it better. I love you babe!!
    *What is in your cd player now: HIM and Rob Zombie Mix
    *what is the last cd you bought: No fuckin idea

    *favorite movie: Scarface, Starship Troopers, Session 9, Tomcats
    *favorite actor: Jake Busey
    *favorite actress: none
    *how much does it cost to go to a movie where you live: I think $9.75

    ...New Years...
    *what are your 3 new years resolutions: lose weight, get a car, be the best band ever
    *what are the chances of you keeping them: Damn good. Cenobite rocks. Im goin to the gym. I work like crazy and all Im gettin for my bday is cash. Ill be there soon Alicia ^_^
    What time is it?: 1:20

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