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Geoff (allennecro27) wrote,
@ 2004-02-07 01:03:00
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    Current mood: indifferent
    Current music:"Scars of Time" from Chrono Cross

    Permit No. 1030
    Today was pretty blah. Practice was awsome though. My stack is awsome. I had to duck out early because I had to go to my aunts wake. I cant stand open casket because they look way too alive for me to handle. The fact that her daughter is only 12 is really bad. I tried not to think about it a lot. Death is something I dont like to think about. After though me, my mom, and my sis went to get some tex mex. God it was good. Then I came home to like 13 posts in my blurty. I dont want anyone fightin in my journal. I wish everyone would just calm down. I dont wanna have to flip out on anyone. I havent lost my temper for 3 months and I like bein calm. Basically whoever I lose it on I will never speak to again so watch it. I dont wanna anyone fightin over....wait for it....MY life. Stressing the word my. Ill do what I want. If Alicia were to ever hurt me which is not gonna happen than its my fault. Let me worry about me. I thank everyone for caring, but I accept my responsibilities and what ever goes wrong I will handle on my own. Please no more anger cuz I really hate when people fight. Thanks to all. Out.

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