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Emily (allegra) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 23:45:00
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    Discovery Channel..
    Watching a documentary on Maikos and Geikos in Japan (I think). I find that rather interesting, actually. Maiko means 'dancing girl'. Sorry, narrator just said that. This is something really interesting that I don't know anything about. Hm.

    Before choir rehearsal tonight, I found out something rather interesting. A friend of mine told me that she'd been talking to someone (another girl, well, woman, actually) who let her in on something really interesting. Someone (let's just call him Bob for the sake of this entry) has a 'crush' on me. I don't get it. He and I never talk or do anything where we're seen together. I don't know why she'd say that, although my friend did let me know that the 'informant' that let her know has been hanging out with his family maybe someone's said something. Maybe? Maybe. Anyway, I'm just thinking a little too much over something that's a little rediculous. Whatever. I'm sorry for babling on like a crazed, immature girl.

    Got a box of DOTS today. I swear, I'm addicted to those things. You know, the little multicolored gumdrop-type candy? Yeah. Those. I actually bought some DOTS flavored lip gloss Monday at the mall. :)

    I've done lots of thinking today; thinking over strange things. For instance, how do we know that we all see this color as the same shade, or even color, of red? I realize that some people are color blind, but for those that are not, do they all see that shade of red? How can we explain what we see to someone else and know that they see the same thing that we do when we describe it? Oh, why do I think these things? I've got too much time on my hands, that's for sure. Geez.

    I'm really very tired and I need some sleep - trio practice tomorrow.

    Gei= art
    Sha= person. Ah, darn narrator again.

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