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InnERwinGs (allbealright) wrote,
@ 2004-10-05 18:14:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:Jet: Timothy

    He remembered my name......ahhh.... this is what happened today in softball class...the class was out in the field and i still needed to go get a glove so i decided to go into the gym and coming from the opposite way towards me was the hot guy....and i thought to myself "be more outgoing, outgoing", and so i looked straight at him and said hi and smiled....and he smiled back (he looked way cute by the way) and he said "you playing today?" and i said yeah and he said "ok we're gona be in the far field" and i said ok . I felt so happy because that was the most i have ever said to him and him to me. he he he....but wait there's team was up to bat and i was just leaning on the fence as usual and he was standing next to me but not as close as last time and then he just started talking to me, he was like "i thought you weren't gonna play today, i thought you didnt care about your team" and i was like "nooooooo....." and he just laughed at me and said he was kidding...and so of course i think i blushed so weak...heh...ok well then it was my turn to bat...and long and behold i hear him saying from the fence "Alright Azalia its all you, Come on Azalia make me proud..." and i went crazy inside my head cuz he remembered my name and he was cheering me on and i think i got more excited becuz i'm the only one he's cheered i actually made a good hit and i went to first base, and once i got there i heard him yelling out, that was a good hit! i had to keep my face down becuz i knew i was extremely yes....but remembered that i said that there was another girl on the team who is the pitcher....i think she likes him too and i think she was getting jealous when all this was happening cuz after class was over and we were walking back she came up to me and asked me what my major was and i told her engineering and she said "oh thats right you're one of those crazy people" but the thing was that the way she said it and her tone, it sounded like she meant it to be like an insult almost, and then she was saying all these things about math to kinda try to prove that she's smarter than me or sumthing...i dunno thats the sense i got from that was anyways...that was that...comment on this later k....peace

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2004-10-06 18:01 (link)
i must say i am extremely proud of you azalia!!! lol good job. keep it up....but next time try to start a conversation that will actually last!!!!lol. sounds like he might have something there for you!!haha and yes...the other creature is very jealous. but do not let that bug u. she can shove her math up her ass.lmao. im doing pretty well also. might stay single for a very very very long time. but whatever. i'm not sure yet. hopefully someone i like will ask me out. who knows. but anyway....ttyl creep!!

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