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the 'face (all_cut_up) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 17:58:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:"Breakdown" by Tantric

    meow meow macabre
    Hi all! Wutz up? Yah I havent written in a couple days. I been online but I jus been messin wif other shyt on here. Thank you Melissa for helpin me wif muh journal!!! Now that I got that out. Hehe. I was workin on Heather's blurty journal yesterday. She wanted her's like mine but wif different colors and I had to keep fixin it. Grrrrrr! It was makin me mad. But wut else is new? I went to bed at like 3:30 this morning! I was so fuckin tired. I didn't get up til 4:20. Then I hopped in the shower and got ready and everything and walked up to the middlesex shopping center to continue muh job hunt. I have an interview tomorrow! I have an interview tomorrow! Hurray! Hurray! I have to go to the tanning place up here tomorrow at 6:20. I hope I get it cuz I really need money. I wanna save up so I can move into an apartment. I would be sooooo happy. I want to move by January. U supposdly make good money workin at tanning salons so I guess I'll find out. I got to see muh Ana yesterday! I was so happy. She is gettin so big u guys wouldn't believe it. Me and Jenn were havin good times. We were supposed to go chill wif our friend James last nite but those plans fell thro but itz all good. U kno? Well Ima get off here. PzZ.


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2003-09-10 21:01 (link)
Hey girl, no problem with the help.. im happy i could be of some service to ya. Lemme know if you ever need help again, ill be more then willing to lend a hand. Sorry again that i kept putting you off, i have just been kinda busy with school and all.. lol but enjoy the journal. buh bye

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Re: anytime
2003-09-11 16:39 (link)
Itz ok. I dun mind. Im jus glad u helped me!


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I like
2003-09-11 11:18 (link)
Hey Holly I like the background you picked out. It is Neat-O.


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Re: I like
2003-09-11 19:36 (link)
Shanky shanky Babygurls. I gots stuff that I have to tell u that I didn't get to tell u earlier!!! PzZ!


Ummmmm I wanted to type sumfin in here but now I forgot...Oopz!

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