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the 'face (all_cut_up) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 15:19:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:"Mascara" by deftones

    More fucking quizzes
    Who will your ex-husband be? by Bert
    Ex-HusbandCyrus Bolooki
    Date MarriedFebruary 26, 2012
    Date DivorcedOctober 18, 2018
    Reason for DivorceHe is gay
    Amount of Alimony$597,536
    Created with quill18's MemeGen!

    You Celebrity Whore by poolofjello
    Username (no caps)
    You will mess around withBenji Madden
    You will have sexEvery day for a year
    He will like it when youDress up
    You will get lucky onNovember 12, 2004
    Created with quill18's MemeGen!

    OMG BENJI IS SO FUCKING HOT!!! I WOULD SOOOO DO HIM!!! LoLz. These test kno me too well!!! MuAhahahahaha

    Which porn will you star in? by Bert
    Co-StarMatt Lovato
    Porn Star NameKitty Tail
    Your RoleProstitute
    Title of MovieHoney, I Blew Everybody Again
    People Who Watched131,945
    Created with quill18's MemeGen!

    HAHAH! Too bad I have certain pple blocked cuz they might have had fun commenting on that test!

    What is your past life? How did you die? by whisperinghope
    WayMurdered by a good friend.
    Past LifeMaths teacher.
    Created with quill18's MemeGen!

    What will your Funeral be like? by rashock
    You will die by:You body was found mangled in a brutal death from an insane lover or jealous significate other.The murderer was sentenced to death row but the chair or gas was too good for them. They sowed you up in a bag and tossed you in your casket, It's a closed case unless your friends and family want to be sick.
    Death Date:August 9, 2023
    Number attending your funeral?60
    How much will you leave to friends and family?$2,824,669
    Created with quill18's MemeGen!

    What will your Funeral be like? by rashock
    You will die by:You always were kinky in your sex life and took it just a bit to far. You died over doing breath control, blood play, or some other strange kink.
    Death Date:June 15, 2013
    Number attending your funeral?139
    How much will you leave to friends and family?$1,454,288
    Created with quill18's MemeGen!

    I had to put both of em in there cuz they were both funny. Hehe.

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