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the 'face (all_cut_up) wrote,
@ 2003-08-07 19:44:00
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    Current mood: satisfied
    Current music:"Lipsdick" by NOTHINGFACE

    new journal! new journal! hurray! hurray!
    Well...I made this journal and I dun plan on tellin neone this name cuz I dun want pple that I kno knowin muh business cuz they like to talk shyt. But neways. OMG!!! This guy whos name Im not gonna mention came ova today and we had some awesome ass sex. OMG...I miss havin sex wif him so much. He was always soooo good in bed. We were together for a long ass time but we broke up and now we talk again but Im not sure if we're gonna get back together but I dun care cuz Im gettin booty! Hehe. That's all that matters. We were outside smokin today and we were talkin and he was tellin me that he'll be gettin his Dad's place soon and then I can come up there and chill out wif him there instead of bein here cuz we always wrry bout when muh grandparents r gonna get home. So he was talkin bout it and he said that I can come up wheneva I want once he gets it but Im not allowed to ask to move in. He said that if he wants me to move in he will ask me. OMG if we moved in together that would be so fuckin awesome. Id be gettin sex like I used to when we were togetha. Lolz. Hehe. Im such a nerd and itz great. Well he was here for like 3-4 hours and then he had to leave cuz he had to go home :( I was sad. So then I got really bored and I came here and got online. I was sittin there thinkin and I was wondering is it possible to sleep wif someone that u were in love wif and not have feelings for them? I dunno. Ima go tho. Pz!!!


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