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singing for the taste (skibaful) wrote in alkalinetrio_,
@ 2003-09-06 15:03:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:hey mercedes

    awesome dream!
    ok last nights dream was amazing!!!

    i was at the vagrant show with ryan and my dad was wandering around but he wasnt there with me it was weird its like he liked the music...neways so me and ryan were supposed to be broken up cuz my mom like hated him all of a sudden er something so we had to pretend we didnt know each other in case my dad saw us (even though we were walking side by side) kinda weird but anyway so we sat down to watch alkaline trio...cuz it was like at a like movie theater almost but instead of a screen it was a stage like the one at they were on stage and no one was alound to stand so everyone was sitting and this girl like came over and told ryan to get the hell up so he got up and i started cursing the girl out and she got all her friend and i got scared and ran away so then we went and found another seat in the first row. so were sitting there and alkaline trio came on and i was like ahhhhhh so happy and i remember hearing the songs in my i can even tel you the set list...sorry about that, mr chainsaw, private eye, i lied my face off, and fatally yours and i had a nice ass camera and was taking amazing ya neways i was taking all these hot pictures and skiba played drums for fatally yours and heather was singing for them while skiba drummed and dan had lost his voice so he couldnt sing and derek was on 6 string it was weird but after fatally yours they took a break and i saw dan and i asked if i could take a picture of him and he was like 'oo no i look stho bad today' but i convinced him to let me take it...and it was digital so i showed him and he was like awww that kicks ass and i gave him the picture cuz i could like print them and hes like 'aww im gonna give thisth one to my wife' it was so cute and then i went and sat back down and they got back on stage and then i woke up....awesome dream!!! just thought id share with you all! lol

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2003-09-07 14:35 (link)
awesome dream, dude! *nods*

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[ . × . Way Away . × . ]
2003-09-11 13:33 (link)
Hello. I don't know you, and you don't know me. But, I just wanted to say that I l o v e Alkaline Trio. I think it's awesome people are discovering them everyday. I'm glad you're a fan! ;x.

[. Ally .]

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2003-09-13 22:37 (link)
hey. That would be cool to here alkaline trio in my dreams. did you listen to Alkaline like at all that day or something????

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