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Alice Is (aliceis) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 12:40:00
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    It kinda sucks up here, on 'vacation'. It's cold. Well, not really that cold. It was though, like 50 degrees, or 60. Now it's up to the 70's.
    My mom told me about this fight she had with my dad, and that he said that he was the one "stuck with" taking care of me and my sister. That pisses me off and really hurts me. He sat on the phone and told me he missed us too, even though he knows that I think he doesn't. Now I really don't think so. That hurts...
    I started thinking about it in the shower, and decided to scratch myself. It hurts a little more in the shower. Then the water got really hot, so I just let my arm burn. It wasn't hot enough to blister me or anything...
    The water in this house is stupid. If someone turns on the water anywhere else, you can really burn. The water in the kitchen gets too hot. I swear if it was any hotter, it would boil.
    I wonder what it is about hurting yourself that feels good. It's so stupid. So very stupid. Maybe it helps me because I can actually see what's going on inside, somehow. I'm always confused about why I feel the way I do, maybe it just comforts me into telling me that at least there is something in there. Who knows... I've got some kinda problem. Thank God it's not as bad as some people's.

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2003-06-11 11:28 (link)
I know how you feel and I enjoy reading what you write.

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2003-06-11 19:28 (link)
Thank you. It feels good to know someone's listening and enjoys it. =)

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