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Alice Is (aliceis) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 18:09:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:The rain.

    I've started scratching my arm a lot. I was on the phone with my mom, had nothing better to do, and started scratching my arm.
    It was about 6 hours ago and the marks aren't gone... I didn't even cut anything.
    I just hope no one sees my arm. And I hope the marks go away.
    I don't cut because I don't want to have to make sure I hide my arms or any other body part, all the time. I wouldn't be able to hide anything from John, no matter where it was. Maybe I could cut the bottom of my feet. =P
    I went on a double date yesterday. John's friend made us walk around everywhere. I had the most uncomfortable shoes on. During school I walked around barefoot for two minutes, then some guy stopped me, told me to put my shoes back on, and said I was disgusting. Fucking asshole. People should have to censor themselves, their words and actions. He could have messed me up forever, just with those two words.
    Once I was in the bathroom, it was when I had a UTI, I was going to the bathroom just at school, about three to five times a day. I was sick of washing my hands and drying them on my pants or under one of those stupid air blowers, so I just walked out of the bathroom without washing my hands. I don't know, I may even have had antibacterial stuff by then. Anyway, some chicks saw me walk out, and commented on how gross that was. After that I had to make sure everyone in the bathroom saw, or could see, that I was going to clean my hands. Also, I started washing my hair twice in the shower, going over myself twice with soap, etcetera. Those last two things, I just realized, were a result of those girls. I'd been wondering for a while why I started cleaning myself so much, and I figured it was 'cause of something someone said.
    Aanyway..maybe I could put ice on my arm and the marks will go away.

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